Is Women’s Day Celebration really justified?

Women’s Day Celebration is about to begin. I am seeing heap of sale everywhere these days for ladies. Next morning social media would be heaped by beautiful and enthusiastic quotes on women and their contribution in development of society. Songs, Poems, Dances, Speeches and what not but amidst of all this showoff womanhood will be disdained as always because This day is just to make women feel that yes you too have a virtue and today is your day “ja simran jee le apni zindagi” but just for today, for namesake. We will forget your strength after 8th march and it will soon be remembered after 2 months on mother’s day because it is a trend. We as a society will keep on judging you for every silly reason and you won’t be able to do anything about it. Why?? Because that’s how society works.

The woman is meant to be suppressed and to be concluded for whatever she does. We say that we live in progressive society and yes of course!! We are forward looking and that’s why we believe to educate our kids equally no matter if she is a girl. We will let her gain knowledge. It’s really important to be independent you know. She should get a good job like Engineer or Doctor or Professor or Accountant but she should know her limits-she shouldn’t be Air Hostess, Model, Dancer, and Actress. It doesn’t look good to relatives you know. “Log kya kahenge”? After all we have to live in this society and that’s how we kill the strength of womanhood.

Why a woman can’t chose her career according to her interest? Why can’t she fly if she wants to? Why we parents have to divert girls as we want them to be? The day we started thinking more about society than our daughters, our parenthood died a brutal death inside and we don’t even know about it. God knows who created separate paths for girls and boys and then, it was socially accepted. And moreover, Woman herself is responsible for this discrimination. Whether anyone say it or not but we all know that going outside of our home was not that easy as a daughter because if son is going alone outside, he should learn to be bold but if daughter is going alone then son should go along to protect her and like this we parents asked our daughter to walk by stile known as brother. We could have taught her self defense instead.

When our girl reached her teen, we taught her about menstruation cycle and how to deal with it but we also told her to be slow during these days, to not to touch pickles and to not to discuss about such things in open. Its lady’s secret, you shouldn’t discuss this with anyone and you know many girls don’t even discuss about this to other girls because Mom has told that it’s a secret and if she questioned why? You shouted. Do really pickles get rotten due to women’s menses? I bet it is not true and we all know that but we have to make her feel inferior during that interval when she herself feels low.

We are so forward that we want our girl to work in multinational companies just like we do for our boys. We want her to feel like a boy. Why like a boy?? Why can’t she do all that for being a girl? Do we know that we are keeping girls in false interpretations? We say that we don’t have any difference for girl and boy but one day we will not let her decide when to marry and whom to marry. We will not let her cherish her career growth because she is crossing 24 and now she should get married to a well settled gentleman who will take care of her for rest of life. Once she gets married we will be free from our responsibility. We will love to see her settled with her already settled husband. Why have different definitions for word “Settle” in terms of boys and girls?

And it gets more complicated after marriage because now there is more scope for being judged for whatever she does. Why nobody judges a married man? Do we train our boys to make round chapattis? No because one day a girl who would be almost of his age or may be younger to him who will cook for him, wash clothes for him, will take care of all his needs and will also serve us. So, our boys don’t need to be trained on households. They should only learn how to earn. If in case we belong to business class, they don’t even need to worry about that too. They just need to get their marksheet and certificate for namesake. In future, they will join our Sharma group of textiles and it will become “Sharma&Sons“. What about daughters? They will settle with their husbands. We are done with their education and if they will be willing they will look for something in their husband’s alliance. Why? Because “Ladkiya toh parayi hoti hain“.

Neither her own family nor her In-Laws, she is owned by nobody and that’s why this difference will always persist in our society because we save money to make careers of our boys and to get our daughters married. This is the reason for female feticide, dowry system, Rape and many other evils. In such an aura of our society where women are meant to be conquered, do we really justify Women’s Day? 

Rather I feel if one fine day a newlywed couple will get shower of blessings “May God bless you with daughter!” That day will be a real celebration. Let’s have a pledge today on this occasion, we will be such parents to our kids that they will not ever feel anything like gender inequality. That will be the greatest reward we can pay to all the women in our country.Also Read this short story of biased toy box.

Why Mommy is not asleep late night?

7 thoughts on “Is Women’s Day Celebration really justified?”

  1. This is the story of every particular day people celebrate giving utter importance and then forgetting it next day. However, I think for women the change is at the horizon and things falling in place for a gender harmony and equality.

  2. But this is only the truth in India .our generation had paid the #Toll# for being woman but what we can do is not our daughters let walk on the same path.We have to be their support system.And for this a single day is not enough ,every day every moment should be our.

  3. Really heart touching Article.
    Thanks for sharing such an awesome article…. Feel free to enjoy our day and our day is every day ladies.
    Plz don’t say that we are equal to men, we are far more superior.

  4. Beautiful writing.Lets celebrate everyday as Women’s day.Womens are backbone of every path of life as she is playing her each role like mother ,daughter ,sister ,wife very nicely.

  5. Really very true . This is is a male dominant society where girls are taken for granted. Without us not a single house is complete, but they can’t accept the truth. Let’s support our girls and make them feel proud to be a girl. The males are the one whom we parents need to teach to respect girls. Why the rules and regulations only for girls?

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