Why Mommy not sleeps late night??

Past few days were so busy that I was just not able to collect my thoughts to convert them into a piece of article. I don’t have huge fan following but few admirers even asked me if I have quit writing or what? It happens sometimes that we (not only moms but dad too) all of us get so muddled up in our situation that we don’t know how to come out of it.

Life of mom is not all bed of roses and when you have all works in a row, you only crave for some peaceful time that’s what I realized after becoming a mom. Each morning seems to be a race course to me and the race begins as soon as I wake up from my incomplete sleep which now seems to be enough for me because I have got habitual of it. The day starts with kitchen and work ends with kitchen too. So, at the stretch of each morning when I am done with making breakfast, packing lunch, dressing up my kid and waving bye and flying kiss to my preschooler, I take some time for yoga and trust me that is the only thing I do for my health. This 1 hour exercise is a relaxation for my soul because after that I again have to run for pending homework.

From instructing maid to cooking and serving lunch for everyone and then making my kid nap for an hour hopefully after feeding her, it all snatches too much energy from me and I am left with exhausted mind which needs some break and that’s why I want to take a short nap at noon which gets hardly impossible for most of the time because my kid smells that and wakes up as soon as I want to close my eyes for a while. And, there comes the evening with all its glamour to be ready for dinner preparations and I have to be ready for this race again. By 9pm our dinner gets ready and in between all kitchen activities we have to go to park for my kid’s recreation time. At 9.15pm I am done with feeding dinner to my kid while being a happy story teller to her. So, overall after 10.30 pm I am done with dinner and cleaning up and Momma’s kitchen is closed. If we are lucky enough and my kid sleeps then, by god’s grace I get few minutes to reply some of calls, chats and little bit of social networking and back to my bed for resting my exhausted body. And that’s when my sweet hubby preaches that you better go for sleep than typing over your phone.

I understand he wants me to take some rest because that is important too but are we not supposed to have some “Me” time? In the whole schedule apart from that exercise hour do I get any peaceful time for myself? Everybody gets some of such “Me” time where they are alone thinking, playing or whatever they want to do without any interruption. What about me? Can’t I get such alone time with pin drop silence just for 1-2 hours to recollect my thoughts. It is the situation for most of the ladies who are stay at home Moms. People think that it’s easy to do everything and take time for ourselves if we are not going to office. Yes, it can be easy if a lady kills her desire of making her own identity but if one wants to do something to get her own identity in limelight, she definitely needs some self-time.

So, if you see any such lady who is staying at home, taking care of all family responsibilities and then, doing something for her own please don’t judge her for that. We all need to be alone sometime to find peace for our inner soul, to know ourselves better, to relax our soul and that is the reason many mothers are wake up late night, just to get sometime for themselves when whole world is sleeping and nobody will disturb her for food, nappy change, water or any other service.

I may be sounding mean to few people but trust me finding few hours atleast 1-2 hours for yourself is not mean but it is necessity. I really don’t want to be such a role model for my daughter who is going to sacrifice her own identity to make others needful.

So, Ladies!! Stop feeling sad if you take some time for your own recreation and Dear Men, please help your ladies find their own identity and trust me they will fall in love with you like never before. Also read stop wearing these things after becoming parents.

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