Top 5 ways to protect Kids during Weather Change

Our kids are too small to handle any change in their schedules and it becomes harder when it comes to weather change. Changing weather has great fall down in adult’s too. Fever, cold, cough and other skin problems are quite common for everyone. Then, how to keep our little ones safe during such adverse conditions. Here are the tips which are must in your check-list if you want to protect your kid while climate is hopping between summer, spring and winters.

1. Get them Immunised.fievre_enfant_hz_122724106
It’s the most common and vital thing that every parent must do to prevent kids from every possible disease. Never ever skip their immunisation schedules. Proper and timely immunisation help them to remain healthy. Make sure you get all vaccinations done for the sake of their good health.

2.Breastfeed as much as you can. FB_IMG_1485981375659Nothing is more powerful than their mommy’s milk. If there isn’t any medical condition or other problem, make sure your baby gets a good amount of your own milk. Breast milk is best for immunity growth and it is essential for first 2 years of their life. More immune you will make them, more they will be able to fight with their sickness.

3. Dress them accordingly.Baby-warm-dresses If you are in Rome, do as Romans do. It is important to follow the pattern everywhere in life and so is the weather change. If you see that weather is getting hotter than previous day, dress them in cotton clothes and vice versa. And best way is to dress them in layers so that you can take the layers off or o according to the weather change and make them feel comfortable.

3. Feed them balanced Diet. baby-with-veggiesOnce your baby starts weaning, steadily introduce her to all kind of foods having different nutrition values. At the end of the day, make sure your baby gets all possible nutrients. Good eating habits and balanced diet helps them to fight infections.[Also read How to prepare wholesome balanced food at home]

4. Take care of Hygiene. Hygiene

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has great importance in your child’s health.Bad hygiene is the easiest way to catch infection and sometimes it causes long term health issues in children. Wash your hands thoroughly while you prepare food for your kid. Give them homemade food as much as you can. Keep their surrounding clean, specially floors because they have bad habit to pick anything from floor and put it in mouth.

5. Bath them safely. FB_IMG_1485981367888Bathing is the best way to wash the bacteria from body but it is really very important to do it safely. The kids who bath daily are less to catch infections. If you send them to school or day care and if climate allows, bathe them after they return home. It will work as an eraser on the bacteria they might have caught from outside. Also, check that temperature of changing room and bathroom is similar. If you are using warm water for bathing, make sure your bedroom is not very cool. In case if it is winter season, turn on room heater for sometime before bathing them, and give them massage in the same room. It will make their body temperature similar to the bathroom and there will less chance to catch cold.

Despite of the above safety tips, there will be sometime when your kid may get sick but it’s normal. You know you don’t have to panic because illness is the part of growing. This is how they will learn to fight off infections. Just beware when you need to see the doctor. Enjoy parenting !!!

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