Top 10 Tips to convert Regular Food of your Toddler into Healthy Food

We parents are very much occupied by the numerous questions related to our kids and one of the most popular stress is their health. What to give? When to give? How to give? No doubt, we are right in our own way because we want them to cross all their milestones timely and happily and it is the proven fact that they need sufficient nutrition for their mental and physical growth in this age. Yes, at this age it is more important because most of the brain development occurs during 2 to 5 year of age. But kids are kids anyway and they are panicky in terms of eating habits and we can’t change their mind always. So, being a smart parent let’s make their regular food healthy so that whenever they eat, they will intake nutrition in good amount.

  1. Add Cow Ghee. A very easy and basic trick is to add 1-2 tsps. of cow ghee on their regular food like Dal, Rice, and Roti whatever they eat. Cow ghee has lots of anti-oxidants and fatty acids which are helpful to absorb nutrients of the food. Adding 1-2 tsps. of ghee will also increase their immunity. It will also increase few good calories in their food.
  2. Hide Dry Fruits inside Meal. They are naughty but they don’t know we are their parents and we could be naughtier to them. So, if you find your kid throwing dry fruits out of his food, you just grind them to fine powder and hid them inside their desserts, smoothies, milk. Dry fruits have calories, amino acids like omega3 and omega6 which are good for your kid.
  3. Add wholesome fruits in their Diet. Squeezing fruits make us lose their fiber content and antioxidants but kids don’t like to eat whole fruit. Not a big deal- just mash or finely chop the colourful fruits and add them into custard, pudding, icecream, oats whatever they like. You can also try different kind of shakes and smoothies.
  4. Replace normal wheat flour food by Multigrain.Multigrain Flour is easily available in market these days. Though if you want to be double sure, simply add 250gm of Gram flour (Besan), 250 gms Ragi(Nachani), 250gmJowar/Bajra etc to your 5kgs of regular wheat flour. This will sum up the nutrients, proteins and fiber content of Chapatti.
  5. Replace potato with Soya Granules or Moong sprouts. No you don’t need to replace potatoes completely. They are healthy too but lot of potato consumption is not so good and hence, you can partly replace potato by making burger patty or cutlets by using Soya chunks or sprouts. They are very good source of protein and fiber. You can also prepare soya kababs or Dal kababs just like you make aloo tikki for them. My daughter loves them, you too can give it a try.
  6. Add more sprouts to their snacks. They are fond of munching over snacks and so making a healthy snack by adding sprouts will do our needful. Mix sprouts to murmura, add few finely chopped veggies and fruits like carrot, tomato, cucumber, fried sev, chips etc to make it crunchy and see your healthy bhel is ready to serve. You can also grind the sprouts and make healthy breakfast like dosa, utappam etc.
  7. Mixed flour Porridge. If your little one is fond of porridge, you can use multigrain flour, sesame seeds, flax seeds and moong dal altogether to make a healthy porridge. It helps them to ease their bowel movement. You can also use sathamavu for making such desserts.
  8. Hide Nutrients of Milk in Dough, shakes and Yogurt. Few kids are Milk Haters. They don’t like to drink milk. I had the same kind of hatred for milk in my childhood and my Mom used to hide milk in form of dough. She used to dough the regular chapatti flour using Milk or buttermilk sometimes. This will not only keep the nutrients of milk intact in every bite of Roti but also make it softer and tastier. Yogurt and Curd are also good replacement for food and their good bacteria is also good for digestion. Shakes are smoothies too are good and tasty alternatives.
  9. Add Egg slices. You can also increase the protein and nutrient value of your normal sandwich or salad by adding few slices of eggs to them.
  10. Don’t give them too many options.If your kid is a fussy eater, you better don’t serve lot of items to them. It will confuse them and they may end up eating nothing much. Instead of making many items give them one or two nutrition packed dense meals at a time like multi flour porridge or multigrain roti with salad etc. [Also Read How to make innovative dishes?]

Try the above tips. I am sure these tricks will be helpful to you as they helped me. Do share your own tricks in our comment section and help other parents to ease their task.


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