Toddlers and the Swimming sessions…

What else can be more satisfying than water in these hot sunny days. Everybody loves to dive inside the soothing water to relax the body heat in summers. More than us, kids are so fond of water. Most of them would never mind splashing and drenching all day long. Recent researches have proven the fact that little babies have great capability to float and hence, swimming at early age can be an awesome benefit. The kids from 1-3 age group are right aged to undergo swimming sessions, even facts suggest that babies above 6 months can be trained for swimming. This early age swimming will protect them from drowning throughout their life. Meanwhile, its utter important to keep them safe while you take them to swimming pool.
1. Select right Pool. Opt for pools that have proper lifesaver/guide faculty appointed. For upto 2 years, make sure to take them to specially designed pools which are apt for them. Be attentive about hygiene care. When you take little babies to public pools, they are quite open to many water borne diseases. Also, there are many diseases like Cryptosporidium which can spread by little babies because of their leaky diapers.
2. Be along with them. Little kids are more likely to drown even in very less water. You can’t even imagine about how less water can be dangerous for their lives. No, it’s not to scare you but to make you realize that they need your proper supervision. Be near to them so that you can protect them just in case if something happens.
3. Invest in proper outfit and other swimming accessories. If you have planned to take them to pool, don’t hesitate to invest and select the appropriate swimsuit for them. The more covered body is always better while swimming. It prevents swim-tan. Go for swimming caps and UV protect swim goggles with good vacuum to protect their delicate eyes from chlorine.
4. Apply Sunscreen. Choose for safe high spf sunscreen specified for kids skin (avoid sunscreens with PABA and benzephenones like dioxybenzone, oxybenzone, or sulisobenzone. Children’s sunscreens use ingredients less likely to irritate the skin, like titanium dioxide and zinc oxide. If needed reapply it accordingly. Also, don’t forget to clean it thoroughly after the swimming session.
5. Keep them well hydrated. It’s more likely to get dehydrated if you are about to swim in the sun. So, increase the liquid intake of your child. More fluid they will take, safer they will be in summer heat. Make them drink enough water through out the day. Lack of fluids can cause nausea and heat stroke.How to develop good habit of drinking water in kids?

6. Prevent them from heat loss. Keep watch on the water temperature. Below 30 degree Celsius is not so safe for anybody and when it comes to little kids, be double sure about temperature to prevent them from hypothermia. This is the condition when body looses its heat quite frequently and body temperature falls below normal. It can cause shivering, weak pulses and also drowsiness. 

7. Be a swimmer guardian. It’s best if you know swimming, if not then, learn swimming to be a better protector. Know about CPR methods for just in case of emergency. Be available to them at arm’s length. Even the kids who have already learnt swimming can also get into danger. Undoubtedly, swimming can make your child more comfortable with water but cannot guarantee about drowning and hence, its always better to provide them touch supervision.

8. Follow the Rules. Be very sincere in following Pool rules. Make your kids aware of these rules and be sure that they too follow the same to avoid any danger.

9. Allow safe Dives only. Don’t ever let them dive in shallow water because it has high risk of injuries and may cause death too in critical condition. Water should be deep enough (quite more than one’s height) to dive.

10. Wash and wipe them thoroughly. After swimming sessions, bathe them well with mild soap and shampoo because public pools are quite open to many germs and lot of chlorine. Also, wipe and dry their ears tilting them on sides to dry any left water inside the ear canal. Water drops stuck inside the ear canal can cause infection usually known as swimmer’s ear. How to prevent prickly heat rashes in hot summers.

Undeniably, swimming is one of the best exercise and can be a great fun to beat summer heat. Just follow rules, take precautions and be safe. Enjoy floating!!!!

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