Things to be learnt by your kid before Teenage

As a parent we have a long panel of dreams for our kids. We want them to be the best, perfect, successful, ideal and a lot more. In the race of making out a best parenting model sometimes we lack out in very basics which are actually useful for our kids to sustain in upcoming bigger world for them. family The world outside our cozy sweet home is not so smooth and hence, we need to strengthen the soft bones of our beloved kids to tackle the reality of this rough world.

When they reach teenage, they are no more that little babies of ours. They go through plenty of hormonal, physical and mental changes and have a lot and lot of pressures poking them around. In such condition it will not be very easy to let them understand what you want them to know and what will be best for them. 131943-425x282-familyidealsAnd hence, it’s better to make them well trained on some chores and levels when they are small. Also, we all know the fact that teachings at early age have greater impact. Here, I have jot down few things which I would like my kids to learn before their teen and these are equal for every kid, boys or girls either.

1. To take care of their own health. fievre_enfant_hz_122724106Your little one should know what is good for health. What suits her body, allergies and how to solve basic health issues. Names and doses of basic needy medicines and few handy remedies which always work.

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2. Everyone own his own body, No body else.Teenage boys watching girls walk down a school corridor It’s quite important for any child these days to know who is the boss of their body. They should know, when and where to excuse. Good touch and bad touch. How much privacy is needed for anybody. So that, no body can ever force them or take advantage of their vulnerability. We should also tell them to dress modestly. Yes, I know we need to teach sons how to behave but we also have a responsibility to teach our daughters to dress up accordingly without being gender biased. 03We need to tell them the right use of makeup and apt use of dresses. Every growing kid whether boy or girl should have the sense of dignity defined by the dress they are wearing. Of course, they own their body and they need not to reveal it to attract attention. Instead of attracting false eyes to their body image, they should learn to enhance their character and trust me it will attract the better and sensible crowd.

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3. Set a limit. With growing age, your friend circle also grows. We need to tell them not everybody is your best friend and not everybody needs to know everything about you. k4wwiqcdsfkmllu2h232We are their mentors and we would need to guide them about setting the limits. What all you need to take care while trusting anybody. The world is full of good and bad people and hence, you should not blindly trust anybody. Keep testing your faith a bit and limit accordingly.
4. You clean, You cook, You wash. kids-cleaning-window-316x210It’s a part of being independent. No matter whether your kid is a girl or a boy. You never know about future. One should be well prepared to be able to do these chores oneself. It can be started by cleaning up the pile of toys to the messed up bed. Let them clean their rooms themselves. 6a00d8341cc08553ef014e8901a36d970d-600wiOnce in a while let them cook something for you or just for themselves. Teach them how to wash and iron the clothes. How to tie the shoe laces. We are raising gentlemen and smart ladies, not a dumb. They should know how to survive all by themselves.
5. Know to express yourself.

7steps.focus-none.originalOnce a teen age arrives, it brings lot of career and other life goals. So, one should know how to express inner thoughts to others. Let them speak their minds to you. Know how they feel about any certain thing. Ask about their ideas without making them feel that they are kids. Let them be a little companion of yours. shutterstock_224860189-703x469The more you will let them express with their growing age, more they will learn about decision making. Let them learn how to talk to strangers. How to deal with negative people. It develops confidence and trust towards you.

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6. Know about Budget Management. girl-with-play-moneyMoney is not everything but it means a lot. So, let them understand the value. Once in a while, let them manage a certain amount of money. Give them little budget based responsibilities and correct them when they go wrong. Give them a pocket money whether they need it or not and let them manage in low budget sometimes.

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7. Learn to survive without Gadgets. outdoor-play-technologyYes, its an electronic era and we have all gadgets. But, still make them learn about basic formal and informal letter writing. Make it twice in a month when your kid has to enjoy life without any gadget. Let her develop a reading habit. It could be anything which is favorite to your kid but should be in a form of book and not an internet web page. Explore outdoor games or indoor ones too but not computer games and x-boxes. Let them see you reading at early age, the more they will see you doing something they will get inspired.

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8. Use of basic manners. nwXzGhC“Thanks, Please, Sorry, Welcome” Make them know the proper use of manners. Let them help others when needed but also, guide them when someone is fooling them in the name of help. Raise a kind and polite teen but smart enough to not be fooled. Take them with you while helping others. Let them see how polite you are. It’s necessary to know about the importance of ethics and basic manners.

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9. To cope up with failures. BLOGteendeepressionMost of the news headlines cover the suicide cases of students just because they failed somewhere. It’s not good to loose hope and end your precious life. There is lot more to come and we need to boost the kids to go on with upcoming hurdles. “Life is a beautiful journey not a battle.” Teach them to not to loose hope if they get fail at any point of time. It may be academic, contest, love or anything. Let them know that there is always a scope of betterment and it needs effort to get succeed. Guide them where they were wrong without blaming them. Give them courage to fight with the failures. Tell them that mark sheet is important but it’s not everything and hard work will always pay off one day.

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10. To enhance the hobbies and skills. 1Every child is special. We just need to know the talent they have. Enhance their talent, encourage their hobbies. Don’t stop them in the name of society. If one loves to dance, let her do. Appreciate the beautiful pieces made by them. You never know how they may surprise you with unique careers. Let them explore their skills. Don’t kill the artist inside a kid.

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Let your kid explore the world with open arms. We don’t always need to close the door when strong wind blows, we should know how to survive within the storm. Just keep guiding them and them go forward without restrictions. Let them welcome the teenage with all strength. They are upcoming youth and future does needs a stronger pillar.




6 thoughts on “Things to be learnt by your kid before Teenage”

  1. Great article Supriya. I believe the most important thing to infuse in them should be the courage to do what they desire and the heart to face the failure. The more failures they face, the more life stuff they learn.

    I cannot help but remember what Will Smith said to his son in “The pursuit of happyness” – You want something? Go get it, period!

    1. Well said Prateek !! Its really important for them to realize failure is a new benchmark for learning and there is no need to end the life ..Thanks 🙂

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