Thankyou note to my loving Dad

Relationship between Father and Child is quite different from that of Mother-Child Bond. While we feel the warmth of motherhood, father’s love often takes a back seat. It’s a human nature that we feel what we see. Mother’s love, her affection, her caring nature is quite visible to us and so we feel it more easily but Father! He and his affection is just so silent like a cool breeze of river which flows quietly fulfilling all our needs. 

Like most of us, my childhood was more about mom and less about Dad. Yes, that’s how we spend whole day playing and talking with our Mumma, isn’t it? Steadily I realized that it is the partnership of Mom-Dad that has make us born and brought up. Dad’s love is really unique and one of its kind. My “Papa” is special because he is my papa and it needs no other word to describe him. He has his own style of doing work. He creates humor while some of the discussions and shows his funny side to us. There are more than millions of things for which I am thankful to you Papa.

-Thanks for being the safeguard of our family. You are the wall of protection that always stand strong against all difficulties.

-Thanks for working so hard for us. You work only to make our lives better.

-Thanks for being so heroic. While all other family members get emotional and shed tears, you being a protector hide your tears and support others.

-Thanks for being over protective. How can I forget how often you followed me while I traveled to my classes and to my friend’s home. I misunderstood your concern then, but now being a parent I can completely understand your fears.

-Thanks for teaching us Sacrifice. Any festival or any occasion but you always kept yourself last while shopping for us. Even when you were busy earning for the family, you made us enjoy the cinema and vacations.

-Thanks for Helping Mom. This is one of the rare thing I have ever seen in the men of your generation. You are really an idol for young men too. I have seen you helping mom and even me doing households and we are really proud of that.

-Thanks for being a Mentor. While Mom taught us for academics. You taught us real world activities. Swimming, Cycling, Running, Badminton and what not. Those were the moments I still cherish.

-Thanks for being a shoulder to me when I wanted to see at heights. Thanks for taking me in lap when I was tired of walking long way.

Oh! there are many things for which I feel that I am lucky to get you as my father. You are like a rock to our family, always stable amidst of storms. Thanks for holding my hands and making me walk through this life journey. You hold a special place in my heart and you make me think that not all men are bad. It’s you who have made me understand that world is full of good human beings too. Now, when I see my husband and my daughter playing together, I miss my childhood days when I used to play with you. It’s really amazing to see how beautifully a Man evolves into a responsible Father. Thanks for being so wonderful that I’ll always look upto you. You are the reason for this beautiful life. Thankyou Papa!! 

Cuteness of Dad’s Love.

Dad’s Love is irreplaceable.

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    1. All chield learn many useful things of daily life who help them to survive in social and to grow up to maturity.May God bless all of u my children.

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