Is Women’s Day Celebration really justified?

Women’s Day Celebration is about to begin. I am seeing heap of sale everywhere these days for ladies. Next morning social media would be heaped by beautiful and enthusiastic quotes on women and their contribution in development of society. Songs, Poems, Dances, Speeches and what not but amidst of all this showoff womanhood will be … Continue reading “Is Women’s Day Celebration really justified?”

Why should you Enjoy Parenting your Little One.

Well!! To be very precise, parenting phase is never ending but it just changes the stages one after another and the truth is “Each stage has it’s own challenges.” Yet, undoubtedly the first three stages are tougher to tackle reason being we are new to adapt the parenthood. And hence,  sometimes we are so occupied, … Continue reading “Why should you Enjoy Parenting your Little One.”

Moms are Real Superheroes !!

Gradually and Steadily while we ladies grow up as Moms, I came to realize that we have turn up into Superheroes and I find out so true for all the mothers of the world. In stories of Hanuman whom we can describe as Superhero of Hindu Mythology, I have read that he had supernatural powers … Continue reading “Moms are Real Superheroes !!”

Follow P.A.N.T.S. Rule against Child Abuse!!

Child Abuse has crossed the heights these days and we parents are scared to leave kids away from us. Hence, it’s very important to educate kids from very beginning about their body. It’s never too early to teach few safety rules that can be kept handy by your kids. At a very early age, pre-schoolers … Continue reading “Follow P.A.N.T.S. Rule against Child Abuse!!”

Funny Things About Being Mom&Dad!!

It’s true that feeling of being a mother is the loveliest of all. I love the way my little chocopie has raised us as parents and I am thankful to her for completing us. Though apart from all love, care and lovely emotions..I feel humor exists in each phase of life and so is in … Continue reading “Funny Things About Being Mom&Dad!!”