Summer Shaded Up: 10 Ways to keep your Kids Cool During Hot Summer

Summers are very happening in our country because of long vacations. There is lot to enjoy. Whether its about Summer Holiday Trips, Journey to Granny’s Home or Mango love.
baby-summer-juniorsclub.gr_ Everything is so fascinating and jubilant. Still, we worry about our kids because of Hot Wind and excessive Heat which often leads to sickness. Well, without worrying much we can easily prevent our kids by following few tricks.

1. Lots of Water. drinking-water1As we know, Heat and Water are anti-workers. So, be aware that your kid should never get deprived of water. Keep her sipping water very often.
2. Well Hydrated.Apart from water, there should be intake of juices, smoothies, shakes, summer drinks. You can try few recipes from here too Summer Drinks.

3. Light Clothes. New-Girls-font-b-Baby-b-font-font-b-clothes-b-font-font-b-summer-bIts good to understand what kind of clothes are good for which season. Let them be comfortable in their cotton clothes. If you take them out you can use full sleeves cotton cloth. But, never use polyester, silk or other heavy stuffs.
4. Water-Play.baby_drinking_from Its a must and enjoying for kids. Let them enjoy in water for a while. If not possible for pool play, just fill a tub with water and few toys and let them play for sometimes.

5. Sunscreen: Use sunscreen while going out, check the brands with spf 15 not more than that.

6. No outing between 10 am to 5 pm. screen-shot-2014-07-22-at-23-04-04This is the peak time of summer heat and hot breezes. Better not to be outside at this time. Choose play time for parks in evening.Kids-tent-house-indoor-games-baby-toys-Ocean-ball-pool-ball-house-collapsible-baby-princess-outdoors

7. Don’t over use Powder. People apply much powder to the babies in order to make them cool but extra powder tends to block the pores and sweat gets collected inside the body. It can also cause Prickly heat rashes. Avoid powder on nappy area and folds of the body.

8.Choose massage oil wisely. Vegetable based Oil generally tend to accumulate and keep the body warm. If you massage your baby, better not to use Mustard Oil, Groundnut Oil, Almond Oil and Olive Oil in excessive Summers.Best-massage-oils-for-your-baby Instead, Coconut Oil preferably better for these days. Never use Desi Ghee as its quite Greasy and may accumulate under the skin. Even sesame oil is also recommended in few parts of country but you need to check if it suits your baby. If you massage her twice. Try to do dry massage at night if you don’t wash her body before sleep.

9. Proper Ventilation. Keep the room properly well ventilated. Lesser Humidity will cause lesser problems. Natural-ventilation-is-good-for-positive-chiIf you are using AC or coolers, Don’t let the cool breezes directly fall on baby. Keep the doors close or curtains down to keep the sun heat away.

10. Avoid overheated places. If possible plan accordingly. Don’t plan for over heated places. Don’t ever leave your baby in parked car. After all it’s your baby and you need to be careful.

Enjoy Summers with such shading ideas. iStock_000017021086XSmall-214x300Be Happy and Be Cool !!!! Happy Summer Days 🙂



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