Secrets to be a Happier Woman and a Cool Mom !!

Life is a great fun and less of responsibility till a girl enjoys her bachelorhood. Though every phase of life is full of love if you are surrounded by the person who loves you. Being married is all about your companionship and dedication towards eachother and life scene changes for you and your life partner both.il_fullxfull.462196671_qkuu
After all, Both of you have left your live alone life and have to care about eachother’s priorities. But, still there are many times when people of our society think that a woman should compromise. That’s completely disgusting. No! You don’t actually have to compromise and make others happy by keeping your happiness at the stake.


Below are the 10 secrets to be happier in your married life and even after being a mother..

1. Be physically Fit. What-Moms-Have-Deal-When-ExercisingFitness is a real key to happiness. Take a time for your health. Follow a routine in your life. Keep exercising. Not necessarily you need to go to a gym for this. Do walk while your baby play in the park. Run with her and sweat down your body for a while. Get a beauty treatment once in a month. Go to parlor or soothe your skin at home, take a scheduled bath, healthy breakfast, Eat well and nurture yourself while nurturing others. It’s not that tough you know!!!

2. Nurture your inner Soul. shutterstock_75304006Take time for yourself. An hour for yourself in 24 hours will not do any harm to your family. Take some time to read your favorite book or do your favorite hobby. Your hobby is somewhat your talent, you don’t have to leave it because you are mature enough now. If you like painting, do paint a canvas daily for sometime. It will take time to complete but once you will see it complete, it will make your soul happy.

3. Be an intellect.

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Keep reading and viewing about the daily updates. Whether you are a bread winner or home maker, no one can stop you to be connected to the world. Use the internet smartly. Know what is happening around the world, Get updated on technology, finance, country laws and games. It is the best way to get involve in to any discussion. Don’t be shy because you are a wife. Be smart enough to discuss about such subjects, it increases your social circle.

4. Be Independent. 635726520554928470979896689_She-independent-woman.imgopt1000x70Whether you earn right now or not but you should make yourself smart enough to not to depend on your man always. Do your work by yourself and help your man in his work too. Give ideas for betterment. Keep learning new and innovative things. You know time is not always the same, you should always be ready to be a teabag in a hot water.

5. Be Kind and Help Others. helping-1Your little ones are very smart at imitating. So, give them something great to imitate. If they will see you helping the needy, they will do the same. Appreciate others for what they do for you. Make people feel that they matter to you. Be well mannered and watch your words. The way you speak will be followed by your kids too. Be polite to eachother and solve your matters away from kids. Try not to hurt anyone by your sharp words. Also, never get hurt by others’ harsh sayings too. Use your two ears efficiently 😉 😀

6. Don’t Fake Yourself.

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Speak up if you are not happy. Don’t fake the happiness by killing your inner self. If something bothers you, share it with your partner. Let him listen your issues. It happens sometimes that he may avoid you but humbly ask him to take sometime from his busy schedule and have a talk with you. Keep on sharing. If you and your partner will share thoughts, it will be a family rule for your kids too. They will also share their secrets with you and you will make supporting and cool parents to them.

7. Have a Weekly No Work Everyday you take care of kids, you cook, you wash clothes and it becomes monotonous. Even, if you go to office, change a routine for a while. Once in a Week, it should be the other way around. Take yourself off from the kitchen, take a breath and enjoy the holiday. Let others take the charge for a day. Let your partner bath your baby. Go out of your home and enjoy family time. Play together, walk together and enjoy the weekend. It’s not always necessary that your husband shall cook the whole possible but still you can divide the task and take his help. Enjoy the little things, they make big memories in life.

8. Get involved in eachother’s Work. 131943-425x282-familyidealsIt’s all about equality now-a-days. So, Don’t always play your woman card. Why always he do the plumbing, change the bulb or fills the cooler and you always make the bed, do the dishes and clean the house. You can also lift few of heavy things if until you had an operation few months ago. Let him do dusting, make the bed or wash the clothes. After all you are partners so, the works should be done with partnership. Isn’t it ?? Also, it will be in family rule books to help eachother and kids will come to know that anyone can do any task instead of learning “this is what mom should do and that is what dad should do”.

9. Share your Passion. activities-heroLet your family know what you want from your life. If you want to open a business or want to study further, tell it to your family. Share it with your kids too without being shy. It will make them understand you better and quite possible that they will help you to achieve your goal too. You can share your passion with your kids like if you love playing chess. Do it with your family. Know eachother’s hobby. Encourage your husband to keep in touch with his hobbies too. Turn yourself into creative mom and dad. Be a role model for your kids.

10. Solve it if you can or let it Go. 13177687_1174222995945006_2443796154264427802_nIf you have some family problems and you think that you can change the situation. Give it a try. Try to change the things in your favor or else if you think it’s not your cup of tea, leave it for others and do what makes you happy. No need to take tensions and suffer. Don’t waste your tears for something. Either solve it or leave it on time. Be strong enough to tackle the hard times and train your kids for the same.

All phases of life are full of love. We just need to introspect and learn to respect each other’s thoughts. Our life is in our hands, let’s make it beautiful by enjoying it. Why to keep crying and hurt ourselves. Always remember, If the world is in fire,be smart enough to keep yourself safe first. Only then, you can help others.13138914_1169006129800026_7748848570911758392_n
As a Mother, we have a double responsibility, Enjoy being responsible but love yourself too. Keep yourself Happy 🙂

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  1. Dear Supriya I m agree with all your secrets to be a happier women and a cool mom .Good thoughts.

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