Say No to Fairytales!!!!

Since my little girl grew up as toddler, we started investing in books-Board books, picture books, story books and by the time she was 2 we had rack full of books. She is so fond of books that we end up reading almost 10-15 books in a day and she never gets bored of it. She knows various characters and imitates few of them because she had been introduced to so many story figures till now but she doesn’t knows single fairy persona. Why? Because, I never bought any of fairy tales. We have no Cinderella, no Snowhite, No Beauty and Beast among our little library and I am not even willing to buy any in future too. Do you know why?

  • Because Fairytales are obsolete. It is true that we have been raised listening and reading about such fairies. But the time has been changed now. We must dump such obsolete stories which have no connection with modern world. We all know that such fairies do not exist in real world, Do they? This world is not about magic sticks, fairies and prince riding on horse. No girl has such long hairs like Rapunzel and not any girl is as tiny as Thumbelina. Nobody sleeps for so long as Sleeping Beauty and not every beauty gets such kind hearted Beast. No my dear, this world is not that dreamy.
  • They are misleading. If you are in trouble, someday someone will come to rescue. Oh C’mon!! Don’t set the wrong perceptions to these little munchkins. In this fast growing world, we need to make them self-dependent and of course we all know that one has to  make own efforts to come out of worries, not always you will yell for help or wait for some prince to come for the aid. Also, life is not meant to bear worries but to be happy and independent.
  • Fairytales are gender biased and inappreciable. I may be sounding feminist to you but I am telling you this bitter truth that I genuinely feel. Just take any fairy character whether Cinderella who was tortured for being so beautiful or that Rapunzel whose long hairs were used by that witch to climb tower or think about that Snowhite whose Mom was jealous of his beauty and sent her to Jungle where she served dwarfs. All of these lead characters were treated as slave for household chores without their will and finally got some prince for happily ever after climax. Think about that sleeping beauty who woke up with a kiss to an unknown Prince!! Is it sensible? If you were at her place would you allow any stranger to kiss? Do we have any such story for poor prince who was saved by princess? No we can’t even imagine such prince. Then, why we always have to make princess suffer in each fairytale. Why she can’t take a stand for herself instead of waiting for a Prince.[Also read about Unjustified Women’s Day]
  • Insignificant and without Moral.Yes, this is the basic reason for my dislike to these fairytales. In my knowledge, whatever we share with our little ones, they take them as a lesson of life. They are fond of imitating so we need to be very attentive while we show, read or act to them. How far I know none of the fairytales ever have a climax with a moral. They all have same ending of “happily married” tag. Is it the same thing we want to show our girls or even boys? No we don’t aim to marry and live happily rather we need to be a good human being with good morals, isn’t it?

What to read then? I have great affection for history and so, I keep on telling my daughter about Revolutionaries of World History. You too can try that. This world and our own Nation is full of great leaders, we must tell their stories to our little ones. There is lot to learn from their life. I also love “Panchatantra”. It has great collection of moral stories and little people love to listen such stories too. [Also read Why Mommy is unable to sleep at night?]

In this modern developing world where we all want to be treated equal. Then, why we are still promoting these racist and sexist Fairytales where a princess never aimed to be successful? Even none of the prince aimed to build their career, they just aimed to save princess and settle down?Do you still want such insensitive and nonsense stories to be a part of your little library? In my suggestion, we all must not keep forwarding such wrong stories to our new generation. What do u think? Do write your opinion to us in comment section. Happy Parenting!!!

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