Sathumavu- The Wholesome Homemade Baby Food

We mothers are always worried about the health of our little ones, specially about their meals. We want to give them whatever nutrition is available across the world and how they reciprocate us is the funniest part of our struggle!! These kids have great resistance for nutritional food items. In such an extreme struggling condition of Moms, Indian culture brings a magic to add nutrition to daily food items of these little jumping jacks. This homemade food has always been an integral part of Tamilian culture from long time and they call is “SATHUMAVU“. So, what is this Sathumavu? It is a blend of all sorts of grains, pulses and dryfruits that can help your kid grow healthy in every possible way.

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How is Sathumavu helpful?
Sathumavu contains anonymous variety of sprouted pulses, multigrains and dryfruits at one place. So, basically if you are using it in any dish, you will end up giving a complete meal to your baby. For weaning babies, it can be used as cerelac and for toddlers and other kids, it can be used to prepare different dishes or just as a healthmix powder in milk. It helps in weightgain and increases immunity too. The added sprouts makes it easy to digest the food and also increase the nutritional value of the food.

How to prepare Sathumavu?
The process to prepare Sathumavu is a bit tedious but it is worth doing this effort for the health of our kids. There are three major steps involved Sprouting, Roasting and Grinding. There are only few grains and pulses which can be sprouted.traditional-home-made-crelac-for-infants

Ingredients for sprouting:
Ragi – 200gm
Jowar – 200gm
Wheat – 200gm
Roasted Gram – 200gm
Green gram – 200gm
Black gram – 200gm
Corn – 200gm
Chickpeas – 200gm
Horse Gram – 100gm
Cowpeas – 100gm

Sprouting process:

Like any other sprouting process, just rinse them thoroughly and soak them separately overnight. 66379092-996b-4cb4-82b4-c4c8a510a690Carefully remove the debris or stones and tie them in a soft cotton cloth separately.Leave all these grains for another 8-10 hours to let sprouts erupt. Once you see them sprouting, untie the cloth and take them out in different bowls. 9e699344-86ef-448b-a9cd-01681d1af1d1Few grains may have sticky texture for example ragi will be moist and sticky but that’s ok until you find some foul smell. 0802d9da-9275-414c-b41d-c3c1a4722e22If you find any grain extra greasy with false smell, you must discard it.



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Once done with sprouting, it is very important to dry the sprouted grains. Drying is an important process while making any homemade food which has to be stored. It reduces risk for contamination. Dry all the sprouted grains for a day or two under the sun.

After being dried in Sun, roast all of them separately without burning. Also roast the below mentioned dry fruits and other ingredients separately:img_0074
Dry Fruits:
Elaichi – 15 gm
Cashew – 100gm
Pista – 100gm
Badam – 100gm
Groundnuts – 200gm

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Other ingredients:
Sago or Sabudhna – 200gm
Omam or Ajwain – 10gm
Dry Ginger – 10gm
Brown Rice – 200gm

After roasting, cool all the ingredients and grind them separately in the grinder. firstsolids00If you find few ingredients which are not so easy for you to grind at home, you can buy organic powders of those ingredients easily available in the markets now-a-days.


After grinding, mix all the powdered ingredients and store this mixture in an air tight container. If kept in the refrigerator, sathamavu can be safely used for around 6 months.box1_thumb-25255b5-25255d-255x300 Also, you can take out the sufficient amount of powder to be used weekly and keep it in an air tight container at room temperature.

Sathamavu is one of the best weight-gaining homemade Food and it is beneficial for kids of all ages. instant_beverage_ingredient_4_20141222_1321687369While you can make porridge, halwa, purees using it for little babies, you can also give it as health drink to school going kids by adding a teaspoonful of sathamavu in their glass of milk. Every mother should try this awesome wholesome food for their kids.

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