How to prevent baby bites while Breastfeeding?


Biting is the tendency in most of the babies. Some babies tend to bite even when they are toothless. Many moms are scared of getting baby bites while feeding the teething babies. Well, here we need to understand the reason of biting and that’s how we can cope up with this issue.

A very basic thing is that you were wrong to think that only teething makes your baby bite. Most of the babies bite only if they are not latched properly . It’s impossible for babies to bite while they are sucking milk. The whole idea of sucking is obviously same as anyone sucks through straw. The correct latch involves tongue and it covers the lower gums while sucking. Here are few tricks you can try if you too face this biting issue. [How to help the Nursing Mom?]

#Trick 1# Track the Boredom. Hungry and properly latched baby will never bite because he is busy in fulfilling his hunger need at that moment. Follow the rule of feeding the baby/kid only when hunger strikes. As soon as you observe that baby is just playing instead of sucking, remove her mouth from your breast.

#Trick 2# Pay attention while feeding. Sometimes babies bite to grab attention. This is common with older kids. They sense that their moms are busy with some other work while feeding them and they follow the trick of biting. So, try not to get involved in other works while breastfeeding. It should be just mommy baby time.

#Trick 3# Avoid Distraction. As I said earlier, babies who are poorly latched are tend to bite. It’s easy to recognize if latch is good or not. If you find your baby in tussle while feeding or if you see her rolling or quibbling, it clearly indicates the latching issue. Check if something is distracting her to concentrate on feeding. 

#Tick 4# Provide Teething Toys. If you find that your baby is teething. Then, be attentive while feeding her. At any moment if you find her tongue rolling, stop nursing and give her teething toy or soothing coolers to bite on. Sometimes, teething is not the issue and you may observe that biting is just a behavior. For example, some babies begin to bite as soon as they are about to latch. In that case, you must stop for a while, remove them from your breast, give them teething toy and tell them that this toy will solve the biting purpose. Steadily, they will understand that such behavior is unacceptable.

Trick 5# Appreciate for not biting. Appreciation always work for everyone and in every case. Babies too like to get appreciated. Applaud your baby for completing the feeding session without biting momma’s skin. It really sends a positive note to your little baby’s brain and it will ensure that biting is not good.

In any case, stopping the feeding session and positive reinforcement works effectively to prevent biting. Just be attentive while breastfeeding your little one and keep observing the sucking pattern your child follows. Slowly, you will get to know when to back off from nursing. It will save the chomping.

This is how you can prevent yourself from baby bites. Write us in the comment section about your experience and your tricks. Happy Feeding !!! [10 Amazing Facts about Breast Milk]

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