Toddlers and the Swimming sessions…

What else can be more satisfying than water in these hot sunny days. Everybody loves to dive inside the soothing water to relax the body heat in summers. More than us, kids are so fond of water. Most of them would never mind splashing and drenching all day long. Recent researches have proven the fact … Continue reading “Toddlers and the Swimming sessions…”

Dear Mom, There is always little You in me!!

My loving Maa, Writing to you is like unifying the tides of thousand emotions. There is so much to express but I am deprived of words. You know how often you are missed? Every single count of time and every single act of my life is full of your memories. I have so many regrets … Continue reading “Dear Mom, There is always little You in me!!”

Connect your child to the Nature in 10 ways

In this world of growing social media, we are just losing all the beauty of our nature. We are so deeply lost in this media forest that we completely ignore our roots, our origin, our fascinating cosmos. It’s sad that we intentionally deny the fact that smart parenting is far away from the smart phones. … Continue reading “Connect your child to the Nature in 10 ways”

10 steps for booming speech of your Toddler

Parenting comes with the bucket list of several milestones. Though we need not to worry much about many of them but we feel good if they reach them early. There is one major milestone which is often talked about in child’s second year and that is about his “Speech”. Though there is nothing to worry … Continue reading “10 steps for booming speech of your Toddler”

10 big facts about your kid’s tiny brain

Brain is the most fascinating organ of human body. It is something that acts like a boss for whole system of our body. More than 95% of adult brain weight is achieved by 6 years of age. Let’s go through few more such amazing facts of this little beautiful brain of your child. Baby’s brain … Continue reading “10 big facts about your kid’s tiny brain”