Myth Buster: 10 Child Care Myths Which Need to be Busted ASAP!!!

It’s been ages that we keep on following traditional ways without learning the facts.MythBuster1 It doesn’t means that all the old ways are myth but there are many customs which may be true at old times but shouldn’t be followed these days.

1. MassageBest-massage-oils-for-your-baby

  • Massage of newborn is necessary. No it’s not. They don’t even develop oil glands when they are born. It’s good to massage only after cord clip sheds off.
  • Baby should cry while massage. Not at all. Baby’s cry during massage is an indication that she is not liking it. It should be done firmly but gently. Hard hands may hurt your baby’s soft bones and muscles.Baby-massage-460x260
  • Variety homemade scrubs will make them fairer. A pure Myth. Skin color depends on genes inheritance which has no link with what you apply on her body. Better to do it safely because besan, bread and many other kinds of things can make the skin drier and even cause rashes on her delicate skin.
  • Old-wives / Dai / Malishwali is the bestpart-010004 one to massage your baby. Sometimes it’s not a very good idea. The massage should be done gently and many malishwalis do it with strong moves which can hurt your baby.
  • Pressing Nipples while massage will keep the witch milk out from Baby Girl’s chest. Yes, there is a witch milk in many babies. Not only girls but baby boys may also have it but it shreds off with time and pressing is of no use. It will only hurt your baby. Also, it may cause severe problems like soar nipples.neonatal-mastitis-03-4-638
  • Only Mustard Oil will be best for babies. No doubt on benefits of mustard oil but it should be pure. Secondly, it may not suit not every baby and depends on the climate. If it’s winter time, Mustard Oil and Olive Oil would be best but in very hot summers, it may cause acne to newborns. Most pediatrician suggest to use coconut oil because of its mildness.

2. Teething155009909_4x3

  • It will cause fever while teething. Not really. Teething doesn’t directly cause a high fever or even diarrhea.  If your kid is suffering from Diarrhea, it is most likely to be caused by a virus. Fact is that Few babies becomes fussy and Irritated, there may be loss of appetite or sleep disturbances but most of the time these symptoms are transient and don’t require any special treatment.Though, they can be troublesome for both of you and your kid. Hence, you just need to soothe them out.
  • It’s too early or too late for teething. Few people are worried because their kid got tooth appeared in early 4th month while few of them get tensed because it’s more than 11 months and no teeth appeared.tooth-eruption-and-shedding-complete-package-43-638 It’s true that average teething age is from 5th to 8th month but there is nothing to panic if your child shows different growth. In our country we have heard stories where newborns with teeth are considered as witch or sometimes treated as God. It’s totally a myth. Those teeth are actually natal teeth and there is nothing to worry about if it is properly fixed in the gums.
  • Teething needs to be treated always. No, you don’t need to provide any treatment or medicine during teething. Yes, you need to soothe their gums by very natural methods only.Y0049-disney-baby-nemo-teether-d-2 If you provide Teether to them to chew,  a firm rubber teething ring would be better instead of the ones that are filled with liquid. Try giving your child a cool, wet washcloth to chew on. You can wet a washcloth, ring out the excess water and place it in the freezer. Make sure to wash it before each use. Give your child cool, softer foods such as applesauce or yogurt or cold purees. Peeled refrigerated carrots can be given to chew.


  • Bathing your Baby daily would led him prone to cold. No it’s not so. In fact the babies who are habitual of bathing daily are less prone to cold.images (5)
  • Do not bath your baby if he has fever. It’s actually otherwise. Bathing will help pulling down the temperature and body heat during fever.
  • Put Oil in baby’s ear to remove dryness. It’s not advisable by doctors to put anything in baby’s ear except prescribed ear drops.
  • It’s a good sign if Baby cries while bathing. The only sign is that baby is not liking the way she is being washed and that’s obviously not a good sign at all.

4.Applying Kajal / Surma makes the eyes big. Not actually. Applying Kajal makes it look bigger but Eyes are genetically inherited by family. Kajal is not going to enlarge it. Yes, it may infect your baby. 130816C089_0032She might feel irritation and will never be able to speak out her heart to you as she is too small. If you still want to follow some myths. You better apply a Kala Teeka on her forehead. It will not harm her skin at least.

5.Pulling and Pressing Nose will make it long and beautiful. It’s also genetic. So, no pulling or pushing will change it.

6.Swaddling tightly will keep the bones strong. download (6)
It’s also other way round. Swaddling too tight can harm the bones. It’s better to swaddle them correctly with little space not very tightly. If kept little loose, baby will learn faster.

7.Infants should be kept Indoor. They also need fresh air . A morning or evening walk followed daily will make them healthier and happier.

8.Walker can led to bow-legged. Bow-leg can only be caused by deficiency of vitamin D. Well, walker is not very good for kids because it needs extra care. But if wisely used it will not harm.

9. Giving Honey in Annaprashan / Weaning ceremony. Honey should not be given until 1 year. It can cause serious disease because it may contain harmful bacteria.

10. Cow Milk is wonderful for babies. In any case, Cow milk shouldn’t be given to kids until 1 year. It contains high level of proteins and Iron and also deficient of other nutrients which is not good for infants.images

Apart from these there are many other myths too but it’s high time we are blindly following them. It’s better to keep our children far from the traps of these Myths. After all we have promised them to

Changes are beautiful, We should be the part of it.

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