Meal Plan for Toddlers- 1 to 3 years

Toddlers are the babies who just now had their first birthday bash. Now they are more challenging little people for us. They will make you stand on your toes for anything they want. WDN_15-06-2013_ROP_05_WAR140613kidshomealone_t460 They are fussy, they are picky, they are choosy and unpredictable. It’s a tough task to schedule the daily meal plan to make them eat healthy. Below, I have tried my best to summarize the meal plan to ease your task. Though it is quite possible that you will have to do few alterations according to your kid’s changing mood but still it will help you.

Sample Meal Plan for Toddlers: 1 to 3 years old

Breakfast Oatmeal mixed with milk and sliced fresh fruits like banana, apples, mangoes, strawberries, peaches etc, A cup full of Milk or Breastfeed.

Or any fresh fruit Yogurt like banana, strawberries or mangoes spread and rolled in a whole grain bread. Milk in a cup or Breastfeed.

Morning Snack Watermelon cubes/apple slices/cheese slices and applesauce, fresh homemade smoothies
Or cheese cubes and fruit yogurt
  • Lunch
Cooked Peas/Baked beans, Any lentil (Dal)
Whole wheat chapatti, Rice
cucumber slices
Milk in a cup or breast milkOr Mixed vegetable soup, whole wheat bread toast, papaya or any other ripe fruit slices and Milk in a cup or breast milk
Evening Whole wheat crackers
Cheese slices, Homemade fruit juiceOr Apple pieces or Applesauce, Cheese cubes, Spinach based SnacksOr a multi grain bread sandwich, Homemade fruit juice
Dinner Any cooked vegetable with gravy and chapatti with ghee, cucumber slices

Or Rice noodles and vegetable sauce, any soft salad

Or cooked beans and whole grain bun, tomato slices

Milk in a cup or breastfeed

Bedtime Snack Homemade banana muffin with any fruit sauce spread, cheese slice
Milk in a cup or breast milkOr Oatmeal with Milk and grapes.

Tips and Tricks to feed toddlersFunny-Stuffed-Eggs

  • Try following time schedule for each meal on daily basis.
  • Feed them with homemade fresh food. You may try these Easy healthy breakfast ideas.
  • Better not to store for later feeding.
  • Include foods to relieve bowel movements like juice, salads, fruits etc
  • Take it easy if they don’t finish the whole food you prepared for them.
  • Keep the slices in smaller sizes and supervise them while eating.
  • Let the kid eat a bit with family. It enhances the table manners.
  • Always give them something to eat by themselves.
  • Be innovative to design their dining plates. It attracts them.

Meal chart for 9 to 12 month babies.

Be assured and don’t worry if your kid’s eating mood changes. It’s common with all of them. Please do not force feed. It leaves a bad impact only.

Do add your favorite items in the comments to help others… 🙂

Have a Happy Food Time !!!!!!

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