Meal-Plan for 9 to 12 Month Old Babies

Your baby has already started weaning now. She is quite familiar to different tastes of food. 88df1f5c6b095904d55b5622338121dd Salty, Tangy, Sweet, Sour !! Quite possible that she may eat more or less than other babies, the chart below is a general one and you can opt for other options having same nutrients. No need to compare and get depressed just keep on trying on a regular basis. 😊

Sample Meal Chart for 9-12 months old Baby…fingerfoods_wide

Time Sample Meal
Early morning Breastfeed/ formula feed / full cream buffalo milk (150 ml approx)
Breakfast Iron fortified infant cereal mixed with formula milk, buffalo milk or water
Full cream curd, cottage cheese (paneer)or grated cheese
Soft fruit like banana, chopped ripe avocado, peach, seedless watermelon, kiwi, plum or papaya
Water in a sipper or a glassBreastfeed/Formula feed/ buffalo milk (90 ml )
Morning Snack 10 bites of whole-grain bread toast or chapatti
Any grated fruit like strawberry, apple or mangoBreastfeed/ formula feed or buffalo Milk (90 ml )
Lunch cereal like rice, ragi, oats mixed with formula or buffalo milk
Moong Dal – Rice Khichdi, Buckwheat Moongdal khichdi, Simple dal rice mixed with boiled spinach and mashed potatoes
whole wheat or Rice noodles
avocado slices or chopped cucumber, small slices of tomato
Evening Snack 1 full slice of cheese (easily available in market), a bread toast, a bowl of cooked vermicelli either sweet or salty whatever your baby likes

Breastfeed / Formula Feed/ buffalo milk (200 ml approx)

Dinner Cereals like rice, ragi or oats mixed with formula feed or buffalo milk

Cut up vegetables like soft-cooked green peas or beans, broccoli, cauliflower or carrots
Any soft fruit like banana, ripe peach , apple, mango or sapota
Breastfeed/ formula feed/ buffalo milk (150 ml approx)

Bedtime Snack Small pieces of whole grain bread, chappati crackers or half bowl cooked moong or Tur Dal

Tricks and Tips

trying new meal for baby

  • Include fiber in diet by adding few prunes, fruits, fruit juices etc to ease bowel movement.
  • Always give fresh fruit juice extracted hygienically.
  • Don’t include honey and cow milk in the diet until 1 year.
  • Always give milk after offering something solid otherwise she may not like to have food.
  • By the age of 11 month she can have a taste of mild spices too.
  • For a vegetarian baby, it’s essential to have few legumes, cheese, beans, peas and lentils or other sources of iron and protein.
  • Always observe them for any allergy while introducing new food.
  • Try giving up to 3 meals and 2 snacks a day.
  • Let them have few finger foods by themselves.

Disclaimer. Above is the sample meal for vegetarian baby but one can alter the meal by adding minced or chopped soft-cooked meat like lamb, pork, chicken or beef. Avoid sea food for infants because many fishes have high level mercury content.

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