Learn to Live like Toddlers

Who are Toddlers? 1-3 year age group is often defined as a Toddler. It is a beautiful stage of anybody’s life and it’s quite unique and special than other stages because this is the time when you actually start enjoying more in parenting. Gone are those days when you only had the option of baby food for your baby, no more daily wake up call at night, no more cradle services and no more boundation of kind of Milk to feed them. But it doesn’t mean that you are back to your old carefree life but your toddler introduces you to the new challenges.received_279250769105016 The more messed up house, more careful watch over them and more lessons to teach them. In the mean time, they are such an angel that they will teach you the lessons of life and you will wonder how easily they teach you. Here you go with the list…

1. To be Happy for No Reason. received_279250882438338Have you seen anyone smiling and laughing so carefree, so loudly and that too without any proper reason. Only these little buddies can do so. They love to enjoy themselves, No matter what. They will find their happiness anyway.
We adults often get sad for so many reasons. We have lots of complains from our life. We are never satisfied and we are not that easily pleased like these little kids. See them, you will notice that the fully messed up toddler is happier than you.

2. To be Independent.received_279250615771698 They love their Independence more than anything else and they can fight for it very often. Have you seen them feeling irritated? If yes, then you will find that it only happens when they are forced to do something they don’t like or don’t want. You can’t make them eat or play or sleep if they are not willing to do. If they want something, they will be adamant to have it anyhow. They will shout, they will cry, they will scream, they will throw tantrums and they will fight to gain it. While, we grown-ups set our limits. We make boundaries of right and wrong around us and We bound our dreams and our willpower to be inside those boundary walls. We kill our dreams in the name of our surroundings. We think more about society and less about our own heart.

3. To love unconditionally. received_279250752438351It doesn’t matter if something is meant for them or not. They don’t care if somebody loves them or not. If they like or love anything, they will keep on loving without any expectations. That little doll or that little monkey toy will be taken for co-sleep always if they are in love with them, no matter what. While, look at us. We adults have so much expectations with someone whom we love and whenever those expectations are not fulfilled, we feel heartbroken. When we don’t get love in return, we feel disheartened. Doesn’t this shows how mature these little kids are!!

4. To be fearless.received_279250849105008 Until you teach them or they come to meet the consequence unfortunately, they don’t know what fear is. They will jump, they will roll, they will play, they will eat and they will touch whatever. But, when we humans grow up we come to understand about the risks and we are afraid of the outcomes. Thus, fear overrules our dreams. These little kids don’t know fear and hence, they enjoy anything and everything, success or failure.

5. They forget & Forgive. received_279250522438374The more we grow up, more we feel hard to forgive someone for their mistakes. We store every good and evils in our memories and we resist to forget the past life. See these toddlers. For a time being they want something very badly, but after some time, they engage themselves in some other entertainment. Somebody hurt them, maybe a toy or a human, but next day they forget everything and will be playing with same. They are such a saint. Are we ??

6. They never get bored.received_279250825771677 They keen to enjoy each minute until they get sleepy. Every second is for their enjoyment. If you are playing with them it’s great or else they will play by their own. received_279250699105023They are never lonely. They can play with bedsheet, table, chairs, box or anything which seems boring to you. And so, you would never see them feeling lonely and heartbroken like us.

7. They are pious.received_279250822438344 They are pure, they are angels. Toddlers don’t know how to lie. They even don’t know what is lie. They will commit mistake and will not hide it. Infact, they will face it. If they love you, they will express it anywhere and everytime. If they don’t like you, you will get to know very soon. These little people don’t know to fake their expressions. This purity is only upto this little age. Isn’t it!!

8. They never give up. received_279250869105006Ever watched any kid struggling with some legos or anything puzzling them. They try, try and try to get it resolved until it is done. If Toddlers wish to untangle any complications, they never give up. They are fighters. And see how easily we adults loose our hopes and get demoralised. We should learn this never give up instinct from our little ones.

9. They are curious. received_279250875771672The level of curiosity in toddlers is more than anyone else because everything is new for them. That little gas stove or this huge tractor, everything seems so strange to them. This curiosity is the reason for their exploring behaviour. They never stop exploring. And that’s why they are fast Learners. While we adults loose our curiosity so easily. We too get curious about many things but we feel shy to ask questions. We kill our curiosity because we don’t want others to make fun. We are afraid of insults. See these little Toddlers. They don’t care how anybody will respond or react. They don’t give a shit if someone laughs at them. They will laugh on themselves too. They will keep on asking stupid questions and will want to get everything answered. That’s why,  The thing you teach them entire day, they will ape it as it is on next day. They observe us very deeply and so, we should keep the watch on our activities too. You know Toddlers are great imitators, so give them something great to imitate.

10. They Live like they rule the world. received_279344249095668They don’t know the exact nature of the world. They are innocent and so, they think life is all about themselves only. Everyone else in the world is there to keep them happy. They live like a boss. While we adults are always in the service of someone. We live to please others and so, we are never able to be happy ourselves. We keep our own happiness at stake to satisfy everyone. [Also Read Why we need to enjoy the parenting phase with all our heart.]

The Toddlers are wonderful little people who have this unique nature.received_279250842438342 It’s sad that this nature will not remain forever. They will change with time. Even Pre-schoolers are not like toddlers because they now interact more to the outer world and steadily loose their innocence.We teach so many basics to these Toddlers and in return they teach us what no one else in this world can. [Also read How to provide nutrition in Innovative style]

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