Is your Kid ready for Preschool?

Selecting appropriate preschool is really a tiring task for parents these days. The education market is full of anonymous varieties and more options leave us in big dilemma. We parent have bags of queries while making this decision.

What is the right age?

Certainly, it is unclear and it depends on your necessity. If you want to get your child more friends or maybe you are unavailable because of your job or if you think your child is spending more than enough time on mobile/TV rather than playing around. In all such cases, you can go for preschool. Basically, here in our Country many babies join preschools even at the age of less than 1.5 years and there are kids who enter their playgroup when they are about to celebrate their 3rd birthday. So, it’s all about parent’s priority.

Ask yourself few of these questions to get an idea about preschool admission:
  • Is your child started speaking sentences to share her thoughts? Is she able to explain about the people she meets or the things she likes/dislikes? If not then first try to boost her speech before sending her to school. Let her be clearer about sharing her daily routine to be on safer side. Help your child to boom her speech.
  • Is your child spending more than 2 hours watching videos and cartoons on electronic media? If yes, then you need to get her engage in something else to distract her eyes and her mind from television. Creative games to keep your child busy.
  • Does your child meet few kids of her own age-group? Is she interested to be friends with them? Does she likes sharing or talking a little bit with them? If not, then definitely you need to get her into an environment where she would be able to meet few of little people of her own age group and preschool is a good option for that.
  • Do you have time to play with her or do you like to do creative activities to get her engaged? If yes, then it’s fine If you do not go for preschool admission because she is getting someone to be playful but if not then, you should definitely choose for preschool to make her busy in playing and enjoying the real world rather than getting bore at home.
  • Do you get irritated and scold your child for asking too much attention? Do you want a little break for yourself to refresh your mind and then be back to your child with all love and devotion? If yes, then it’s time to look for preschool. Connect your child to real world and take them away from television.

Now, check your answer and you can easily decide what you want. If your child is speaking well, wants your attention or at least somebody to play or interact and if you have no one to do that for your child and in turn she is spending lot of time watching cartoons and rhymes on television. Then, you must start searching for preschools and make sure to opt for the preschool which fulfills your demand for your adorable child. After all you want to see their happy faces when they come back from school. Isn’t it? [How to select a Preschool for your child?]


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