Keep your child’s teeth happy using these 5 steps

We all know how important it is to keep teeth nice and clean. Teaching about teeth cleanliness is utter important just like all other manners. Those tiny cute teeth are going to fall one day but bad oral care can led to long term health issues.

Do you know that oral care should be started quite before than baby’s first tooth appears? Their gums and tongue should be clean by clean damp washcloth. It helps in clearing bacteria which may lead to thrush later. As soon as baby’s teeth erupt, use finger brush to clean out the cavities. Other than brushing, there are 5 things that must be followed for better oral hygiene of your littleone. [Myth busters related to babies]

How to keep better Oral Hygiene:

1. Use Fluoride Toothpaste. Fluoride is very helpful to reduce cavities in baby teeth as well as adults. It combines with tooth enamel and provides strength to fight cavities. These days many paediatrician recommend fluoride drops to young babies for the same purpose. This naturally occurring mineral is present in water. You can contact your local water district to check the amount of fluoride in your drinking water. One can begin using toothpaste when child is 2 years old. Better to start with non-fluoride toothpaste until your child starts spitting it out. Once, your child is grown enough to know how to spit, go for fluoride toothpaste. It’s good not to cover the toorthbrush with lot of toothpaste on it. Just follow the rule of grain-size toothpaste for toddlers and pea-size toothpaste for pre-schoolers. Also, make the habit of brushing two minutes and twice a day.

2. Don’t skip first Dental visit. We are attentive enough to get our child vaccinated but we often ignore dental checkup. Believe it or not but very first dental visit plays very important role in child’s oral health. The recommendations are to plan the dental visit before your baby’s 1st birthday. This will help the experts to examine the oral condition of your child and review early problems related to dental health. It is really appreciable to be in a good habit to get regular dental checkups. It will also make you well informed about the fluoride usage, brushing techniques and other do’s and don’ts as suggested by dentists.

3. Seal out Cavity. The holes formed in the tooth caused by bacteria is known as cavity. Cavity always lead to tooth pain and decay. Once you get into the habit of dental checkup, there is obviously lesser chance of decay if you follow the oral cleanliness steps properly. But in the case otherwise, if your little baby’s tooth is already in bad condition, get it resolved in no time. Visit the dentist if you observe any oral issue related to your baby. So that, the affected tooth may get proper medication and treatment. Decaying of anything is bad and hence, getting it sealed asap is always better.

4. Eat Healthy and include Fluoride and Phosphorus in Diet. Believe it or not but thwere are foods that can help your child to get healthy teeth. Include foods and fruits that are rich in fluoride, phosphorus, calcium and polyphenols like milk, cheese, raisins, cranberries, apples, carrots etc. Give fluoridated water your child. Check your drinking water for fluoride level. Avoid consumption of sweets, chocolates and sticky foods. Also, encourage your child to use cup/glass for the intake of any liquid. Strictly avoid bed time bottle and use of pacifiers. It can lead to bad oral health. [Know about the things your kid needs to learn before reaching teenage]

5. Don’t Share if you care. Sharing is caring but not in the case of your Dental hygiene. I bet you will see people love to share the pickings from their plate with your child. Be frank enough to say No to this offer. Pickings are never meant to increase love bond, it will only increase the chance of getting germs. It’s even better to keep separate utensils and cutlery for your child. Wash them and sterilise them as you want. Never ever put their pacifier or bottles in your mouth to show your affection. We have many health issues even if we think that we are healthy. Why to pass those health problems, germs and bacteria to that little baby? Be educated enough to take care of this.

Make it a fun time when you brush your child’s teeth. Keep teaching her about pros and cons for Oral care and otherwise. Eventually, she will start liking it and will get motivated to keep good oral hygiene. Child or anybody looks great when smile with bright teeth. Remember, it will not only make your child healthy but also boost her personality. So, Keep their teeth happy.

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