How to travel abroad alone with your littleone

Holidays started already and you have plans for getting access to your much awaited break. Oh! but you are a parent to little jumping toddler and somehow you are about to travel alone with her for almost 20 hours in flight? Yes, it’s not that easy but you can make it a bit more comfortable by following these simple tricks.

Make a checklist:

Prior to anything else, jot all the required things you need to carry along with you. There are indeed many important items that are compulsory while you are travelling with them.

  • Passports and all required documents
  • Clothes according to the weather
  • Diapers
  • Wipes
  • Food items for your baby
  • Finger foods
  • Sanitizer
  • Medicines (with prescription)
  • Toiletries for your little one
  • First aid box
  • Toys and books as per your child’s interest

Prepare your luggage in a compact way

  • Don’t carry unnecessary items. Think about what is much needed things without which you can’t travel.
  • Before packing and carrying anything abroad you must check the rules and restrictions to avoid any penalties. Usually, it’s not safe to carry unpacked food products. Take packaged foods that have brand seals.
  • If you are about to carry medicines, make sure you have prescription to avoid any kind of questions.
  • Take toys and books that don’t occupy unnecessary space. Don’t carry too much of such items because you would obviously buy some of the toys at your tourist spots. One or two are more than enough.
  • If your child is not able to use regular commodes, carry compact potty seats that can be attached to regular commodes.
  • After packing for your child, pack your own clothes and required items. Be smart enough to take only necessary things. Afterall you have to travel alone. [How to select sunscreen for your kid? ]

Keep your cabin luggage stuffed properly

This is the most important part of the travel. It’s going to be your companion through out the journey. So, be double sure to take all necessary items handy in this bag.

  • Take small trolley bag for cabin purpose. It will be easier to carry.
  • Take enough diapers if your baby is not toilet trained. You have to spend a long time in-flight.
  • Keep diaper rash cream, sanitizer, baby lotion and wipes in one place.
  • Take the enough amount of baby meal and finger food for your little one. Carry bib, spoon and bowl along.
  • Put 3 pairs of extra clothes, one small blanket and one shawl for yourself.
  • Carry your kid’s favorite yet small toys and little bit of books, crayons and an activity book to keep your child busy while journey, take off and landing specially.
  • Along with your slippers, you should take their too. I would recommend to go for soul socks, they grab lesser space.
  • If your child or you are on medication, take scheduled medicines in your cabin bag but don’t forget to keep prescription handy.
  • You can take 3-4 200 ml tetrapack milk along if your child drinks any specific kind of milk.
  • Take a neck pillow for you and your kid. [Protect your child from changing weather.]

Your handbag is for your travel docs

Now coming to the most required things to enter the airport, your handbag will serve that purpose.


  • Carry all your entry and checkin documents safely at one place. Once, you get your boarding pass, keep it there only to be sure.
  • Keep your power bank, charger, earphones intact in one compartment.
  • Don’t take too much of cosmetics in your handbag. Carry little bit as per need and pack all other cosmetics in luggage.
  • Download few rhymes, stories or cartoons of your kid’s choice in your laptop/tab/mobile. It can be used in emergency while takeoff or landing when you want them to sit silently in their seats with seatbelt. Watching videos throughout the whole journey is ofcourse not recommended.
  • If you are travelling with laptop bag, don’t take any other bag unnecessarily.
  • Don’t forget to keep pen along.
  • Rest is to follow all the airport rules while keeping any stuff and you are good to go.

In-flight Journey

As soon as you are seated comfortably with your child, talk to them and keep them engaged until it takes off. Ask for baby meal options if your child is not ok eating same food as yours. There is always enough option for all kind of passengers. You can ask for milk or juices for your child. Avoid trying anything new in flight if your child has never eaten it earlier. Attendants are there to help and cooperate you, be frank enough to seek their help. While leaving your seat for lavatory, call attendant to take care of your child for a while.

Enjoy your vacations watching new place and playing with your kids. Nothing is as refreshing as a child’s smile. Don’t forget to take camera or handy-cam. How can you miss those special poses while travelling places. That’s how we share memories later. Happy Journey!! [Keep your child’s teeth healthy ]


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