Home Remedies to treat Fever in Kids

Oh this word “FEVER” !! 494386309_wide It actually makes us mentally ill when we get to know that our naughty honey bunny baby is sick with Fever. Well, this is not actually a problem, but a symptom that shows your kid is somehow exposed to unwanted heat. When thermometer indicates more than 100.4 degrees there is something to worry about and treat it rightly.images (2)

With the experience of mothers, here are few remedies to bring down the temperature naturally.

For The Infants :

1.Breast Feed is the boon for babies. The more you let them have it, more immune they will become.177446245
2. Rest, Rest and Rest !! Its for babies and kids of all ages. Let them rest and they will recover fast.
3. Foaming. Take a clean washcloth and a bowl full of iced water. Clean them every now and then, It will take the temperature down. Also, put the cool bandage of this cloth on their forehead while they rest. Not only babies, this is a successful remedy for every one.410x280xsitemgr_photo_2000340222.jpg.pagespeed.ic.z-qafqlxRg
4. Recover the fluid. Its needed for anybody suffering from fever. Because of heat, there are chances to loose the fluid inside body. In case of infant who is breastfeeding there is lesser chance but for formula fed babies, please increase the bottles you generally give.
5. ORS or Electrolytes. If you feel that baby is dehydrated, you can provide ORS or other medical electrolytes after consulted the doctor.
6.Light clothes. child-sleeping-in-bedSometimes people over cover babies but its a myth. Babies only need a layer more than us. So, in case of fever, let the heat escape her body. Do not cover it by heavy clothes and blankets. Cotton clothes will be best for this time. If you are worried, you can cover them with a cotton sheet (Chaadar).

For The Babies less than a year:

Other than what mentioned above, there are few more remedies that may help.
1. Cereals: Feeding cereals to the babies who already wean is good for compensating fluid loss. You can feed Khichdi (Rice and Lentils cooked together), Boiled rice with lots of water and lemon, Soups, Mashed Bananas, Mashed Potatoes etc.
2. Tulsi (Holy Basil) Water: Boil 5-6 leaves of Tulsi in water, Let the water cool down and give this water after every half an hour.
3. Citrus Fruits. backgrnd1Lemon, Orange, Tomatoes. All such citrus fruits help to recover fluid and also bring the temperature down.
4. Turmeric Milk. Boil Milk with turmeric and Tulsi, Give this warm milk to your baby.hot-milk-with-turmeric
5. Humidify the room for a while. For detail click here Homemade Humidifier

For all Kids ( Above 1.5 years)
1. Raisin coffee for high fever. Benefits-of-raisinssoak 10-12 raisins in a cup of water. Crush the raisins and strain the water. Add few drops of lemon juice and Give it twice a day.
2. Honey Peppermint water. drink-water-to-lose-weight-peppermintApart from Tulsi, Peppermint is also a good herb to bring down fever. Boil few leaves in water and give this water to kid.
3. Olive Oil with garlic. Warm them together and give a massage using this oil. Also, rub this warm oil under the feet and cover the feet with socks. It works wonder.
4.Elder flower. imagesFor high fever, elder flower(badi phool) helps a lot. It is efficiently used in Ayurved to treat Cough, Cold and Fever. 6a0148c72e18ee970c01543395d420970c-800wi
5. Vinegar Potato Bandage. Dip sliced potatoes in a vinegar for 15 minutes. Take a wash cloth and wrap these slices. Put this bandage on forehead of your baby while he is resting. Its very effective.
6. Mustard seed water. 20140512-292633-mustard-guide-ssedTake hot water in a cup and add 1/2 spoon of mustard seeds in it. Steep for 5-10 mins and strain the water. Give this warm water to your kid.

Hope these remedies may help the doting parents and wish your baby may get well soon. Amen !!images (1)

Disclaimer: Though these are remedies based on experience, yet each body is different. If you find them working its good but in any case of high fever or any thing unusual like Diarrhea, Rashes, Unconsciousness, Vomiting etc. Please contact doctor right a way without experimenting with your child. After all they are precious gift of God.

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