Funny Things About Being Mom&Dad!!

It’s true that feeling of being a mother is the loveliest of all. I love the way my little chocopie has raised us as parents and I am thankful to her for completing us. paper-chain-family-create-right-atmosphere-parenting-advice Though apart from all love, care and lovely emotions..I feel humor exists in each phase of life and so is in parenting too. Recollecting here few of the funny moments to which many of the moms can co-relate.

  1. Hit and Trials. When, we had the new relationship with our baby, it had been a lot of guess work and suggestions. crying_baby_interpretWe were fresher as a parent and were guided by experienced ones and we come to know that sometimes experienced also failed to guess what my baby actually wanted πŸ˜› She cried and I jumped in for breastfeed, She cried more they came in with bottle feed, she cried we checked her diapers, she cried we sang songs for her, she cried we thought she is feeling too hot, she cried and we thought it’s too cool. Then, again she cried we looked so clueless πŸ˜›
  2. Moms are Milk Booth and Dads turn into Diaper Changing Station.

Father Changing Baby's Diaper --- Image by Β© Paul Barton/Corbis

Not very late from the beginning we realized that we are no more humans for now πŸ˜€ After every few one and a half hours I recreated myself as a milk booth and my better half partnered me as a diaper changing station for my baby.13102753_1166554913378481_4528018455270493308_n



3. Nights are another Day, and Days are days of course. 13062022_1162487980451841_4447145805924872062_nWhile working in IT sector, I had been in night shifts many times before. After marriage I found it tough to manage always but I never knew that It’s not going to end even after I will leave my job until I became a mother. From Day 1,we came to know that sleeping at night is not our piece of cake from now πŸ˜€

4.Bathroom was the only place to Relax. Sometimes, I felt like sleeping or relaxing in a washroom for few more extra minutes. article-2647454-1E6FEA9500000578-264_636x382At least, no body will disturb you during nature’s call you know πŸ˜‰ But it was my wrong perception when she was too small, now I feel even washroom is not a lonely place for me anymore.

  1. Phobia that my Baby is crying. images (8)Β I have heard of a term “Acousticophobia” for the fear of noise.Β Don’t know how genuinely it suits this situation of ours but while raising our little girl, many times we felt like my baby is crying. I still get this phobia when I work in kitchen or while I take bath, a sudden cry cracks in to my ears and I run to check if it’s true but most of the time, It’s just my illusion.
  2. Gross they are, Gross they make you too πŸ˜› . cdn.lolwot.com_wp-content_uploads_2016_04_10-of-the-best-family-photo-shoot-fails-8Without offending any of the parents, it’s my personal feel that babies do gross things and mess you down. You will clean them, wash them, make them wear new pretty dresses and then, as soon as you will put them in to new diaper, they will poop πŸ˜€ or else, if you are in the mid of your breakfast, lunch or dinner thinking that you have finished your task of baby and you get the baby call for clearing the poop. πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€
  3. Washing Clothes is an added task of everyday. As a bachelor, I used to carry most of my dirty clothes to home, to get them clean. After marriage, we had Saturday -Sunday washing plans and then, we got the baby in our home …and now it’s a bag full of clothes daily. dirty-kid-rexOne cloth after bath, One while playing with food, one while playing in park, My clothes while I accompany her during her food time, play time, puke time, su-su time ..and a never ending list. If you get your whole day crossed without any stains on your clothes. Hats off to you B)
  4. Mid day Sleep and Bathing on time is a Luxury.CdiNWoeWoAEtoWt In the neutral family, mother staying at home is the only care taker who has to manage each and everything on your own. In such situation when you and your super energetic baby are staying at home, my logic of luxury has been shifted from materialistic things to on-time work and mid-day sleep. Only parents who go through this can understand the whole logic and what awesome feeling you get when you get success in getting some mid-day sleep for yourself.13043340_1164268826940423_5711532248310798746_n
  5. Baby, Baby, Baby Talks. If you talk to your partner, you can’t complete any discussion without a pinch of talk on your baby.13083183_1161735220527117_3175973578182213154_n If you talk to your mother, friends or relatives you will definitely talk about your baby for a while. If you get in to a discussion with a new parent or to be parents, obviously you will do talk about babies. Sharing tips, experiences and funny incidences are all you do every time in your social circle. Too much of baby talk. Isn’t it !!
  6. Your Playlist from Romantic Songs converts into Kids Songs and Nursery Rhymes.COLOURBOX6867681 For me it has been so true that I couldn’t agree anymore with it. I used to have long list of beautiful bollywood numbers in my phone but now I rarely listen any. I don’t remember when was the last time I plugged in my headphones. πŸ˜€ And the most played tracks on youtube are “Johnny Johnny” , “Chubby Cheeks” , “Row your Boat” ” Baba Black Sheep” and many more like these. fdd527f5d2ec32b7a56bf414b740b61bWhen we play we sing them all, when we eat we have to sing them or show them to her, These rhymes are also sung during lullaby time and sometimes I keep on singing even after she has already slept. Yes, you may think it’s insane of me. Even I find it funny too.13051658_1165731006794205_5057946027590749753_n

So, there is a long list of such funny things. I penned my feelings not for sake of complaining. It’s just for the sake of sharing. Above all I love being a mother and in fact both of us (me and my husband ) enjoy all these things in our parenting journey. And we take such struggles and tantrums as an add on humor to our life.13015693_1163182983715674_1337266520602563574_n

I have seen many parents complaining too but Genuinely, you don’t only raise your kid, you are raising yourself as a good parent too. Parenthood needs a special credit for making you more close to your partner too as only he or she is the one who is sailing in the same boat with you.13094416_1165183990182240_6396404336615262644_n

Also, it makes you understand your parents better because you can’t deny that you had been a kid too and how beautifully they have raised you with all your tantrums.



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