Follow P.A.N.T.S. Rule against Child Abuse!!

Child Abuse has crossed the heights these days and we parents are scared to leave kids away from us. Hence, it’s very important to educate kids from very beginning about their body.child abuse_1_0_1 It’s never too early to teach few safety rules that can be kept handy by your kids. At a very early age, pre-schoolers and toddlers can get to know about these rules to safeguard them from perpetrators. Here, are 5 rules to educate your child against child abuse named as P.A.N.T.S Rules.

P…..Privates of your Body. good-touch-bad-touch-19-728Tell your Kid about the various body parts of their body from very beginning. Let them know which part should be treated how. Tell them that the parts covered by inner wears are private and no one else needs to see or touch theirs or ask them to touch anyone else’s. It may sometimes put you in trouble when they will reject your touch too but that’s fine. Let them know the difference of good and bad touch and the necessity of touch. for example, if you take them to a doctor, let them know that doctor will inject you on your bump to treat your illness and that’s fine.

A…..Always Remember Only You Own Your Body, No One Else.good-touch-bad-touch-ppt-19-728 Make the boundaries and let the kids know about this. Make a private line for your body. Excuse yourself away while changing clothes and tell your children that its your body and no body else should play with it. Whether it’s a tickling from an aunt or a cheek pulling by any uncle. Whatever makes you uncomfortable that’s not good for you. Keep everyone in that circle and let your kid know that any uncomfortable touch by anyone even Mom, Dad or Grandparents is not acceptable.

N……”NO” mean a Big NO.photodune-11149248-say-no-xs Let the kids know that it’s quite ok to say No. At any time you can reject a touch or anybody’s company if it makes you uncomfortable. If you don’t want to go with any person you can say No. Make a comfortable atmosphere at home to say No. If your kid will be comfortable to say No within her family, she will feel secure.Also, tell them not to touch anybody if he or she is not comfortable. It should be both way around.

T…..Talk About That Secret. motherdaughtertalkBe available to your kid for sharing things with you. Be involved in her daily routine. Know about their care taker’s and teacher’s attitude towards them and how they talk to them. Ask her what made her sad today. Know about her friends and be like a friend to her too. Many perpetrators play a secret card to the kid to make her victim. Let the kids know that there shouldn’t be any secret kept from parents and they will not be punished for telling any such secret to you. Let them feel comfortable to share any unusual and secret things that upset them.

S………Speak up of Help. BL4o1iCCQAINBQfLet them know that they can always speak up about any uncomfortable situation and you are always there to secure them. Know the warning signs, if you find someone’s presence making your kid uncomfortable or if your kid doesn’t want to go anywhere or with any specific person. Tell them that you will help them out in any situation. Give them a chance to raise the topic. Build a trust that they speak up in front of you for their problems.

So, this is how you can guide your kid against abuse by making a comfort zone in your home. 3Keep sharing and Keep caring. Spread the word and let all the parents know about PANTS Rule to eradicate the child abuse from Our society. 

“Sharing is Caring”


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