Drinking Water- An easy habit for your little one!

Water is life. We all know this very well and we understand how good it is to keep our body well hydrated. We would have often observed that in almost all medical conditions, we are advised to have good water intake and when it’s about kid’s health, it becomes the essential part of his timely need. Their body is less immune against several diseases and water helps them to detoxify their body very easily. But, the area of concern is the habit of drinking water which is not so easily built up in our little ones. Is it really so tough to make them drink water in adequate amount? Not at all! We just need to make drinking water an easy approach for them. Kids don’t like to get indulge in complex activities. Here are few ways which can help your kids to develop this good habit of drinking water.

  1. Make water easy to grab.drink-bottles-cover2 As I said earlier, kids don’t like complex activities. Hence, it is the best option to make water easily available to them. Make sure to pack a water bottle when you take them for outings. At home, always keep a filled water bottle in each room and specially in your kid’s room. So, whenever they’ll feel thirsty, it would be the first thing which they will find handy. If you are there with them, remind them to take a sip of water while playing.
  2. Make it Fun. drinking-waterYes, game is the best way to teach anything to these little kids. They learn more while playing. Play game and include sips of water in that game smartly. Like, me and my kids often play a hide and seek where the players have to finish water from their bottle before being caught. This is the added condition to win the game. So, in urge of winning the game, they finish up drinking water. There are many other games too which you can play and make it a fun task.Creative fun games for kids.
  3. Make it attractive.1e700df2c98aa791374eb39f0024af5c Kids love to follow the things which are attractive. Go for this trick by using attractive cups, sippers and bottles. My elder one loves to drink anything and everything in her favorite winnie the poo cup. Infact, this is something which also works while feeding them. That special plate with their favorite character or that special spoon with a aeroplane shaped over it, it works out like a magic.
  4. Add colours in Water. 6799452_f520Our little ones are in love with colours. So, it is a good option to make water look colourful. Add frozen colourful fruits like strawberries, cherries, kiwis, apples, grapes or any other fruit. Make it look to be wanted like and your kid will just grab it happily.
  5. Make it a Tasty Treat. fresh-juices”If life gives you lemon, make a lemonade” Have you heard of this quote ever? Kids are quite often to give you such lemons and all you have to do is offering them lemonade. Our little ones get bored off very soon. If you will ask them to have water often, they will reject it. So, be a cheat sheet by first offering water and once rejected, give them flavored drink. Make flavors by natural things like lemon, watermelon, oranges, grapes or any other juicy fruit.[How to make tasty juices and smoothies?]
  6. Offer them wholesome Fruits. 16b514118e450b9050691de2f4d5cdd6Fruits have a very good content of water. So, at times you must give them plateful fruits. Grab melons, apples, grapes, kiwis, plums or other fruits of your kid’s choice. Make a fruit salad and present it in a style. It will fulfill the need of water for quite sometimes when they are not willing to go for drinking water. Milkshakes and smoothies will also do the needful but wholesome fruits are best filled with water content.[Innovative presentation always works well]
  7. Go for funky feeding accessories. drinkinggoggles_transp_22Our kids want to have fun everytime, even while eating and drinking. Add some fun to their drinking urge by buying antique straws, cups and sippers. Nowadays markets are full of such accessories.. Get some of them for your kids or even take your kid and let them choose some of such cups and straws for themselves. They just love the things they select.
  8. Be a Role Model.nestle-mom-daughter-water-kitchen_i55sm8 Nothing else will teach your kid more than your own example. Set a goal for yourself first. Be a regular water drinker and adapt healthy habits yourself, they will follow you soon. Also, accompany them while they are drinking water. If you give them a fruit drink, make sure you take one too.

379378_259956500723682_1390821424_n-1160x665We know that making your kid do something beneficial is a battle most of the times but we can win the battle by applying such small tricks and treating them with love.

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