Dad’s Love is Irreplaceable

God might be busy somewhere doing something and so, he created mothers. Powerful yet delicate, their love is full of tenderness. Nothing can be compared to mother’s love but then, God thought of protecting mothers too from other evils of the world and hence, he sent Dad who would be strong, protective, powerful and caring for kids as well as mother too. Dad is someone, who would always love, care and protect his whole family.images (99) No matter what, he would be there to nourish. A complete family man he is. When a man with a family starts living for a family and happiness of his kids becomes his first priority, slowly and steadily he evolves himself as a DAD. And so, Dads are

1. They are special because their love is unique. They are bad at showing it, but best at proving it.96185358

2. They are special because they know how to defend their kids. How to save them from evils. Yes, they are our real life super heroes who kept on preventing us whole life.stock-photo-1587612

3. They are special because the only motive for their whole working life is the wellbeing of their kids. Their come home late timings might have sadden us but the truth is, whatever pain they took, It was always for us only.
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4. They are special because they are just like coconuts with hard shells to be strong when everyone in the family is sad but, inside they are full of sweetness and (1)

5. They are special because they are silent admirers. They are proud of us for whatever good we do but don’t want us to be on the ninth cloud. You might have heard harsh criticism from them for whatever you do but they don’t leave a chance to boast about your success story to others. 563573513c2ccddfdf3462f77574ebae

6. They are special because they keep themselves at last priority just to fulfill our demands. They might be wearing torn shoes but will buy our clothes first.images (100)

7. They are special because they are always available inspite of being busy. No matter how busy they are but they will make a time to reach us anyhow if we are in need.IMG-20160618-WA0005

8. They are special because there work are often left unseen and they never utter a word. They do a lot for us, they try their best to make us happy but most of the time, we cant see their effort unlike moms. We often see Moms love because they are expressive. Dads love are like hidden folder, no one can see but it contains the exclusivity. IMG_5105

9. They are special because they never cry out loud for their sorrows but will never want us to face any sadness. They might be sad or upset because of career, finance, health or anything but will show their stronger side always to make sure that they are happy just because they want us to be happy.3859238120_932e5cab9d_m

10. They are special because their love compliments Mom’s love. Where moms are soothing, tender, soft with a soft pillow under the skin, Dads are the hard bones and tough skull with broad shoulder to support the whole family. He might not cry infront of you when you step out of the house but he would be the first one to make sure that you reach safe to your destination. Both of them together make us complete and like moms they are special too.parents-stroller-silhouette

We might never heard from them that they miss us but they miss us a lot. Their silent sweetness is worth appreciating. They were the one, who ran with us inspite of being tired when we were in our learning phase.at_the_market___father_and_daughter__6d206347a99658a5a5030b48e8518eba They are mentors, guide, coach and the only one who trusted us in our failures. They might not know how to talk to us when we are crying but they know what to do to bring smile on our faces. They had been an ideal for sons and benchmark for Daughters who always want their life partners to be like their fathers. 1c09353783ecbd8e7d4b7944c3dfc5faWe owe everything to them. They helped our tiny toes to walk and run through the roads of life, please don’t ever hurt them and leave them at any phase of life. They will never say but always need us. They are fathers out of genes only but Dads out of their soul.

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“Happy Father’s Day to all the wonderful Dads, Papa, Baba, Babuji, Appa, Abba and many more loving names of our most adorable Heroes.images (97) Though we don’t need a day to express our love to you, still just want to celebrate our love which is irreplaceable and one of its kind”

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