Creative Fun Games to Keep your Toddler Busy

Our little packet of energy is always in a mood to get something new. They easily get bored by similar activities and hence, we parents always keep on looking for better options to keep them busy.p_101629077 How about going for something creative these summer vacations to have fun with your little one together with learning some skills.

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1. Shape Sorting.

Shape in Box. Activity-with-Shapes-1024x682It’s quite simple and easy one. Collect the lids of different shapes like square, rectangle, oval, stars etc. and cut similar shapes in same size over a shoe box. Let them, insert the shapes inside the box or empty juice cup.

Or cut the sponge in different shapes. t2Take some washable non-toxic paint and let them paint shapes on a paper. So, together with shapes they will also learn about colors.


Also, You can let them sew the shapes.ss4 Just make a shape out of hardboard and make holes at the edges. Give them a ribbon tied at one end and let them cover up all the holes.shape sorting



And what if you make it fun while having a food. Just cut the shapes out of breads or fruits or veggies and tell them to eat triangles, squares and circles !!


2. Number counting.

Well, The most easy one is ” Five. Six. Pick up Sticks” . 3009Simply take 10 sticks of same size and ask them to pick through the counting. It works better with more than one kid.Number Counting Outside 2

Or simple draw circles corresponding to number and let them fill those circles with tiny rocks.


c8062a3a049318fcae4bf4f0dc4ad7d7 IMG_8976





Or Make abacus at home using icecream sticks or ribbons and let them fill beads in them..P1030190e-760x1024

Also, you can be little more creative and try cutting out numbers on hard boards and make little holes to insert soft pompom balls made of sponge.

3. Color Sorting.sort-2

Take some red, yellow, green, blue papers and paste them on hardboard. Now collect small toys or shapes or beads whatever available and put them altogether in a box. bug-hunt-color-match-sortingLet them sort the items of different color and place them over the correct colored paper.

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Or take crayons of different colors and put them in a muffin tray or egg tray. Ask your kid to pick yellow and color the sheet. Then, Red to color the sheet and Keep on guiding to use all the colors one by one to draw anything. Let her enjoy. She may draw something meaningless but she is playing a meaningful color sorting game. It helps learning the shades of colors too like light green, dark green, blue, purple etc.

Or take some edible colors and fill in the ice cubes. colored-ice-set-upTake a jug full of lemon water and let her make a drink for herself. Like Red juice, Blue juice, Orange juice, Yellow juice and so on.Sorting-Colours-with-Cardboard-Rolls-1

You can make an easy game by some hardboard rolls and colorful pompoms. Let them insert the yellow pompom in yellow roll and red pompom in red one.

4. Alphabet Activities.


Buy some cute stickers and a drawing book. Arrange them to make letters. Give your kid a marker and give some verbal instructions to start the game. Let her drive her marker to complete the line to make a letter.

Or Let’s make Alphabet Clouds. IMG_1270 Just mix 4 parts shaving cream to 1 part glue together. Make small drops of the shaving cream mixture onto the hard board using icecream stick.  So, 26 drops for 26 alphabets. IMG_1296Take out Alphabet stickers one by one and add to each cloud. Your kid will definitely enjoy the creativity.



5. Sensory Activities.

Squishy Paints. Mixing-Primary-Colours-Squishy-Bag-ExperimentWe need a flat surface, red,yellow, green and blue paint, clean plastic zip lock bags and a sticky tape to seal the openings of the zip lock bags tightly and Also to tape the bags to the flat surface. Let them draw shapes, numbers or just mix the colors.

Or go for shaving foam marbing.P8090924 Just grab shaving foam, some brushes and sticks and let the kids set about adding blobs of food color and seeing what happened when mixed it in. You can also add sparkles, poster colors and glitters for more fun.P8090935 You can help them out to make a print out of it or you can just observe them.

Or just make some sensory bottles for them. counting-tubes-1-300x261 007Just take empty plastic bottles and few items to fill them up. Let them do it themselves. They will enjoy and learn about solid, liquid touch.

So, What are you waiting for ?? Explore with your creativity and enjoy the summer vacation with your little one. 13244898_1181882285179077_5360120060308816371_nLearning can be a great fun if done together.

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