Connect your child to the Nature in 10 ways

In this world of growing social media, we are just losing all the beauty of our nature. We are so deeply lost in this media forest that we completely ignore our roots, our origin, our fascinating cosmos. It’s sad that we intentionally deny the fact that smart parenting is far away from the smart phones. I often meet such parents who are so proud to tell that their little toddler is smart enough to open Youtube on their phone and I really don’t know how to react to this stupidity. Can smartness of your kids be measured by the number of mobile app they can open? We are actually in the process of giving an artificial life to our kids and later we will regret when they will disagree to connect with the natural world. Let’s disconnect that electronic cord for a while and drive them to the real world by the means of these pleasurable activities. I bet they will make you cheer too along with your little darling.[Know how you can help in enhancing speech of your toddler]

  1. Gardening. Take few seeds or just easy to grow veggies like garlic or coriander and sow them with the help of your kids. Even if you don’t have garden area, you can do it in your small balcony. Buy few attractive pots or just take few plastic bottles and cut them for plantation. Explain them the importance of water and manure for the growth of the plants. Steadily you will see how your kid has become regular to water those little seeds. The tiny growing plant will definitely bring smile on your kid’s face.
  2. Green walk. At least once in a week, go to park with you kids. If you have it nearby try to manage a walk daily. It will be good for your health too. While walking, talk to them about greenery and mud. Observe those trees and their falling leaves. Play a game of collecting fallen leaves and making a pile. Pick up dry sticks and count them together. Collect pebbles and take them home, later you can paint them together. Lay eyes on bugs and butterflies.
  3. Feed the lives. If you don’t have pets still you can feed these cute animals and birds. This summer, take an earthen pot and ask your kid to fill it with water. Take a bowlful of rice or pulses and ask him to place it in the garden or balcony. Spot the feeding birds together with your kids. Tell them how birds and animals suffer in the absence of water and what is the importance of earthen pots.
  4. Make sand structures. Let them play in sand and get dirty for quite some time. It is utter important for building immunity. Take few sand toys and take them along for more attraction. Help them in making some structures out of sand.
  5. Stone games. The pebbles you collect from the park can be used for different activities like painting or making path for tiny toys. Painted stones are helpful for sorting and colour matching games. 
  6. Make sensory bottles. Collect sand, tiny pebbles, fallen leaves, wet mud in individual plastic bottles and play musical game using them. Blindfold your kid’s eyes and ask him to guess which bottle is filled with what. Also, you can make stress buster balloons by filling sand inside and making funny faces over them. It will definitely cheer your tot in his bad mood.
  7. Leafy pictures. Take any colour book and paste the dried leaves on those pitcures. You can also ask them to stick dried petals on those pictures. Take a play dough and make tiny little scenery by sticking flowers and leaves on it. It will flourish your kid’s creativity. [Things to teach the kids before they turn Teen]
  8. Homemade useful herbs. You can guide them to make useful herbs and medicines by using different parts of plants. For example-rose water out of rose petals, Basil powder out of basil leaves, antiseptic bath of neem leaves and many more. 
  9. Make your own pond. If possible, take them to pond quite often. If not, you can make your own pond by using inflatable pool. Put some artificial and natural flowers and leaves in it. throw few pebbles inside the pool, drench and splash water. It’s fun to do this in hot summer season, isn’t it?
  10. Soil their hands and feet. It sounds filthy but it has imperative effect on child’s growth. Just cross check that it is not full of insects, then take a back seat and let them pretend play using mud. Keep an eye so that they do not take anything inside the mouth. Let them go bare feet in the mud and enjoy being dirty for a while. Make sure you wash them thoroughly after this muddy game.

Mother nature is virtuous and can be our child’s best friend. We just need to hang out with it. This physical world is full of self-sacrificing beauty that only believes in giving. We must unfold the secrets of this beautiful world and let them connect to the real fascinating life for the advancement of their bright future and prosperity of this living world.[Home remedies for summer rashes]


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