Is Women’s Day Celebration really justified?

Women’s Day Celebration is about to begin. I am seeing heap of sale everywhere these days for ladies. Next morning social media would be heaped by beautiful and enthusiastic quotes on women and their contribution in development of society. Songs, Poems, Dances, Speeches and what not but amidst of all this showoff womanhood will be … Continue reading “Is Women’s Day Celebration really justified?”

Why Mommy not sleeps late night??

Past few days were so busy that I was just not able to collect my thoughts to convert them into a piece of article. I don’t have huge fan following but few admirers even asked me if I have quit writing or what? It happens sometimes that we (not only moms but dad too) all … Continue reading “Why Mommy not sleeps late night??”

Stop Wearing These Things ASAP after Becoming a Parent

Life is never constant and it changes anonymously after delivering a new life. Being a parent owes lot of responsibility and in the mean time you get to know about several do’s and don’ts by every next person you meet. Every now and then you get suggestions like you shouldn’t go to public places, you … Continue reading “Stop Wearing These Things ASAP after Becoming a Parent”

So what? You Stay at Home Afterall !!

Divya, 29 year old is a well educated lady. She has a happy small family- her son Divyansh, her husband Shekhar and she herself. I met her this evening in the park and just interacted about eachother’s routine. She looked tired and was sad a bit. She comes out to play area every day just … Continue reading “So what? You Stay at Home Afterall !!”