UNICEF has this Message for Every Mother

As we all know that 1-7 August is being celebrated as World Breastfeeding Week this year, there are many vital messages shared by UNICEF. This year they have chosen the topic of working class of mothers who also have the responsibilty of nursing and raising their babies. UNICEF discussed the topic thoroughly and explained how … Continue reading “UNICEF has this Message for Every Mother”

10 Amazing Facts about Mother’s Milk

Mothers¬†are not less than any superheroes. They have so many super powers and the best super power is the Milk. The Miracles of Mother’s Milk are far more than you know and Breastfeeding is the most important part of nursing and it is the duty of each Mother to provide this amazing nutrition to her … Continue reading “10 Amazing Facts about Mother’s Milk”

Serving Nutrition in Innovative way

Each and every parent knows that feeding a kid is not less than a war. One day they like something, other day they like something else. In such fussiness, serving Nutrition on daily basis becomes tough for us. Here, we collected few terrific ideas to give fruits and vegetables to the little ones in a … Continue reading “Serving Nutrition in Innovative way”

Protein Packed Recipes for Vegetarian Kids

If you are vegetarian, you must have got a lot of suggestion to include high protein food in your kid’s diet. For a vegetarian kids it becomes necessary to have variety of legumes, soy, nuts and cottage cheese in ¬†meal for the building of tissues and muscles of body. Most of our immune system requires … Continue reading “Protein Packed Recipes for Vegetarian Kids”

Simply South: 10 Wonderful South Indian Food for Kids !!

South India is adorable for it’s greenery and scenic views but there is one more thing which keeps us attached with south and that is the healthy food. These food are so nutritious and easy to have that kids and adults both love them and most of them are complete plan food. 1. Idli. Rice … Continue reading “Simply South: 10 Wonderful South Indian Food for Kids !!”