10 steps for booming speech of your Toddler

Parenting comes with the bucket list of several milestones. Though we need not to worry much about many of them but we feel good if they reach them early. There is one major milestone which is often talked about in child’s second year and that is about his “Speech”. Though there is nothing to worry … Continue reading “10 steps for booming speech of your Toddler”

Why Mommy not sleeps late night??

Past few days were so busy that I was just not able to collect my thoughts to convert them into a piece of article. I don’t have huge fan following but few admirers even asked me if I have quit writing or what? It happens sometimes that we (not only moms but dad too) all … Continue reading “Why Mommy not sleeps late night??”

10 Rules to Raise Confident Kids

Everybody¬†in this world is trying to give the best to his children. We all want to make them shine in future and would love to do anything for that. Isn’t it ? But in the race of making them perfect are we making sure to make them confident too? The truth to accept is that … Continue reading “10 Rules to Raise Confident Kids”

How to Raise a Better Indian?

Being a parent is itself a change for any human being. We get to learn a lot while bringing up our little ones. Every parent does the best for his kids. We all want to raise a better human being. At each point of time parents teach the kids, sometimes by words and most of … Continue reading “How to Raise a Better Indian?”