10 Granny’s Tips for Stuffed Nose

Stuffed Nose, Cold, No smell sense, tastelessness and too much dizziness. Its a sad condition for all of us. If it turns so bad for us, just think how much a little baby suffers who can’t even utter out his feelings. No worries, what are the home made Granny’s tips meant for !! Have a … Continue reading “10 Granny’s Tips for Stuffed Nose”

Home Remedies to treat Fever in Kids

Oh this word “FEVER” !! It actually makes us mentally ill when we get to know that our naughty honey bunny baby is sick with Fever. Well, this is not actually a problem, but a symptom that shows your kid is somehow exposed to unwanted heat. When thermometer indicates more than 100.4 degrees there is … Continue reading “Home Remedies to treat Fever in Kids”

Home Remedies For Coughing Babies

Our Little jumping jacks often catch cough and cold and we feel so helpless. Here are few tested home remedies which can be applied. Under six month: Not much can be done but excessive breast feed and lots of rest will do magic. Rub vaporub on her feet and cover with socks to prevent cold. … Continue reading “Home Remedies For Coughing Babies”