How to boost the immune system of little kids?

One of the most painful days for parents is when their happy child falls sick. We want to leave no stone unturn just to see our kids healthy but kids are kids and they fall sick very often. The fact is that we can’t do much about it accept boosting their immunity to fight those germs that cause illness. Here sharing few natural ways to lift up their immunity-

  1. Go organic. While buying ingredients for preparing any food, always choose organic brands. If you have appropriate space, try growing few herbs in your own garden. Organic foods are free from chemicals and also have more minerals in them.
  2. Serve fatty acids. Omega 3 is known as essential fatty acids and it is vital for cell growth, good fat and blood regulation. EFA (essential fatty acids) are very beneficial for immune system of our body. So, feed them Omega 3 and Omega 6 rich foods like Flax seeds, legumes, beans, soy foods, walnuts, wild rice, pasture-raised meat, Pastured animal’s dairy products (animals grazed by farmers like goat, cow, buffalo and sheep).Have you tried Sathamavu to increase your child’s immunity?
  3. Deep sleep. Studies have proved that adults who sleep less are more likely to fall prey to many germs. While new born babies sleep for up to 21 hours, toddlers need to sleep up to 12 hours. Sleep time keeps on decreasing with the growth of children but parents should set a sleeping pattern for their kids to make sure that they are getting at least 8 hours of sleep. Good amount of sleep helps in decreasing the susceptibility to germs and sickness. Proper sleeping pattern also helps in growth of your child.
  4. Choose immune boosting wholesome fruits. Fruit juices are good but eating wholesome fruit helps to get their fibre work for the body. There are many fruits that have antioxidants and hence they can work better for immune system like Apple-it has both soluble and insoluble fibre and helps in bowel movement. Pomegranate seeds, Papaya and all sort of sweet and naturally ripened fruits have more immunity power.
  5. Whole grains are more powerful. They are often considered wild grains. These whole grains like Barley, Quinoa, Amaranth etc. have high amount of fibre and so they work as cleansing agent which in turn increases immunity.
  6. Add probiotics to diet. Probiotics means good bacteria which helps to fight against many diseases. Yogurt, Curd and Cottage cheese are good source of probiotics. Have you heard of Yakult? You can keep those tiny bottles of Yakult for daily morning probiotic dose to your family.
  7. Set up good hygiene habits. Cleanliness always help in washing away many germs. Establish proper hygiene habits in your kids. Ask them to wash their hands thoroughly after coming back home from outside and also before eating anything. Promote the use of hand sanitizer. Be their role model to make them understand how important it is to be clean and hygienic.
  8. Allow them playing in mud and connect to nature. It may sound you stupid but it is really important to let them connect to the nature in order to make them less vulnerable to illness. Yes, together with all playful activities in sand make sure to wash them thoroughly to keep the daily germs away from home.[Connecting kids to natural world]
  9. Include immunity booster herbs in your food. It’s true that Indian heritage cannot be completed without mentioning Ayurveda. Get yourself benefited by these Ayurvedic herbs. Have you ever noticed that normal homemade Indian dishes have some basic spices like cumin, turmeric, Asafoetida, black pepper etc. Haven’t you wondered why the hell your Mom put them in every other curry? First of all, you must know the fact that the easily digesting food provide more immunity. Asafoetida is very good for digestion, Mustard seeds have good number of antioxidants, turmeric is a detoxifying agent and very powerful source of immunity, cumin helps in relieving acidity and blackpepper is a good cleansing agent. All these and many other spices are helpful in building body immunity. Choose them wisely and see the difference.[How to protect them during weather change?]
  10. Say no to antibiotics. Unnecessary medicines and antibiotics weakens the immunity. Not every fever needs to be cured by the antibiotic doses. It harms the good bacteria of our body and makes us weak from inside. So, stop relying on medicines for every little illness. Let the body fight a bit with the germs. Many parents ask pediatrician to prescribe antibiotic for fever. They need to understand that fever is not a disease but a symptom that body is fighting with some other illness. Sometimes body temperature is raised because our immune system is fighting with the germs. Well that doesn’t mean that we should become careless towards our child’s illness and let him suffer. If you feel the necessity you should certainly seek your doctor’s advice. [How to treat fever naturally?]

More than above mentioned many points, nurture your littleone with all love and care. The kids living in happy environment are healthier than others. Relieve their stress by your affection and concern. Happy parenting!!! [How to deal with meal time struggles of your kids?]

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