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Pancchi turned 2 last week. She is grown up baby now ☺ I met her on her birthday party after nearly 8 month gap. images (87) How soon these newborns grow up into jolly toddlers. Time flew too fast. Diksha(pancchi’s mom) is my class fellow and coincidentally she moved in my city 2 years ago. Thanks to social media that we came in contact after so long. I still remember how we went to meet Pancchi for the first time in hospital and congratulated Diksha and Vishal for being proud parents of an angel. And see, within a blink, time flew away.

Anyways, having said that, what I want to share with you all was my common yet strange experience while buying a gift for Pancchi. So, After Diksha’s invite I went to a nearby shopping mall and entered a baby shop to select something for our cutiepie. images (82)I was looking at pinball game set, a bowling set and a car parking game and found them very creative and attractive. While, I was busy in clearing my confusion about the selection, a lady who was attendant there asked me for help. I told her that I am looking for a creative toy for a 2 yr old and she asked,” ok Ma’m ..for baba or baby ?”. “She is a girl” I told her. And she gave me a sarcastic smile, followed by a suggestion ” Then Ma’am why don’t you check these kitchen set, Doctor set or Barbie”. Stopping her in between I asked her about the discount on the games which I selected and gave a disappointed look to my choice. So, I finally asked her get that Car parking game for me. She packed the gift and handed over to me with a little piece of advice ” Ma’m you should have given a Second thought once of a lovely kitchen set, Little girls love playing with them”. I smiled at her words and politely said ” Well, not this time but I will ask that girl, if she would love to have kitchen set, I will buy it for sure ” and I left the shop.[Read How creative games help your kid learn while playing ]

I know its a very common incidence which usually occur in our daily life. What left me in a thought was the mindset of us which makes us gender biased so unconsciously. images (86)I mean why we need to divide the games of little toddlers according to adult workshop. Just because moms work in kitchen and take care of babies it doesn’t mean that little girls should have kitchen sets in their toy box. Just because you see most of the men driving cars and bikes it doesn’t mean only boys will play with cars and bikes. One might say that these are merely toys but these little toys have great impact on kids.world_10_temp-1356337361-50d810d1-620x348 Even, in our childhood we used to play “ghar ghar” where girls used to take care of house and baby dolls and boys used to sit with newspaper. How soon, those boys and girls grew up and that pretend play of childhood took shape of reality where moms are busy in household chores and dads go to offices.

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Why are we taming the minds of these little ones to discriminate the tasks of ladies and gentlemen instead of letting them know that everyone can do everything. Why the toy boxes are new way to lead a gender bias. Why can’t we let them explore and decide what they want. There are little boys who love barbies but they are being told that its for your little sister and there are girls who play with guns and their uncles and aunties will make fun of them saying how come she will raise up into a ” Lady Don” by playing with guns. Please let them play and grow without boundaries of genders. last night my friend Diksha called me and said that Pancchi loved that car parking set the most and loves to play with it a lot.

images (85)I am happy that I didn’t try to tame the wings of my little Pancchi in the name of toys. Every little toddler is a pancchi ( a little bird) we should let them fly without limiting the sky for them. Then only they will learn to aim higher.

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