7 Tricks to End Meal Time Struggle With Your Fussy Eater.

One of the greatest fight is between a willing Mom and fussy kid. Mothers are really worried about their kid’s nutrition and want them to eat well and it makes them sad when kids don’t eat properly.
We moms prepare healthy food with all thoughts of our baby’s nutrition plan and when we begin to feed them, there tantrums begin.20141229091754307 We often share our endless fight stories regarding baby’s improper feed. Here, I am sharing my own experience with all of you regarding the same and will share the tricks which had been successful in my case. It may help you too.

  1. Start with sample bites instead of ample food.
    When we go to buy fruits from hawkers or to buy snacks from small shops, what we do ?? We taste a bit and decide whether we want to take it or leave it. Exactly same rule we need to apply on ourselves too while introducing anything new to them. let them taste a bite or two and develop their taste buds for the new food.When they see a full bowl or plate of food, they take it as a task if they don’t like it much.

2.  A Big NO to Force Feed.550_101456808

Please don’t set the goal of finishing a whole plate of food. Let them eat with happy faces without forcing them. If they ate up half plate of rice, its fine. Try after sometimes. Why to make a child cry while having food. Its not healthy at all.

3.  Make a Meal Plan.picky-eater

Meal Plan actually helps because you know what you have to give next day, also they will not get bored eating up same dish each day like sometimes we get bored off eating same Dal Chawal.

4. Accompany them while eating.family-eating-together-300x200

Yes we cant eat while feeding messy kids but still you can take a bite or two just to show that you too love to eat the same dish which you want them to eat. It makes them feel they are on the same page as yours.

5. Small food times within each 2-3 Hours.

If they don’t love to finish a bowl full of food at a time, give them something to eat after each two hours. it will keep their appetite full and a satisfied yourself.

6. Be Innovative.fussy-eaters_news_625x430

Yes, we cant be a 5 star chef to serve attractive items each day but still we can make a meal look colorful. Little people love colors. they might like colorful fruit shake rather than Milk Badam. So, that’s the idea, Also you can buy attractive cups, bowls and plates to serve the food.

7. Undivided Attention. Well it is needed every time but it’s a must at food time. Talk to them, tell them stories, busy them in their board books and even play a game. The whole idea is to keep them occupied. The more they will be busy, more they will eat well because they will overlook the food.canstock21891213

Food time should always be a fun for little ones. Let them enjoy the taste and you too enjoy with them. Happy Feeding !!!!

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