7 Smoothies for Smooth Going week.

As we know, none of the breakfast is complete without juice, shake or smoothie. Here, presenting seven different types of them. Quick and healthy one for your kid.

Here you Go !!

  1. Monday Mix fruit Mocktail

Take the combination of citrus, sweet and juicy fruits like 1 cup of watermelon, 2 oranges and small bowl of grape. Add mint and half teaspoon of sugar. Make a juice out of it using juicer and serve it your darling baby.

2. Tuesday Cucumber Chhaas:

Take fresh homemade curd, add 1 cucumber, cumin powder, salt and a pinch of chat masala. Mix it in a blender and ready to serve.
3. Wednesday Chocobun Shake:

Take a Banana, a small bowl of chocolate pieces, cold milk. Mix in blender and add a spoonful vanilla ice-cream. Yummy Chocobun shake for your Chocopie is ready.
4. Thursday Chickoo smoothie:

5-6 chickoo fruits and milk blended together and what else you need. Not even a sugar!!!
5. Friday Milky Fruit Punch:

A bowl of strawberries, cherries and apple blended with fresh curd and little bit of sugar.
6. Saturday Mango vanilla Shake:

Sweet ripe mangoes and 2 scoops of vanilla with half cup of milk. Blend them together and have fun !!
7. Sunday Apple Oat smoothie:

A cup full of oats, a bowl full of apples, a spoonful of sugar and a handful of raisins are mixed with milk to give you sunny Sunday smoothie.

And you know what !! Not only your kid but you can also enjoy these summer drinks. Happy summers …Be Cooool !!

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