7 Days Quick Breakfast For Your Little One

When we start a day as a mom, we are so occupied by the thoughts of our kids well being. About her health, her food, her growth and her everything. And the daily picked up thought ” what should I cook for her ??? ” with lots of creativity ??!! But also saving my time !!Hell lot of questions we go through on daily basis.

Here, I have tried presenting a set of breakfast menu with quick recipes that may help you create your daily meal chart for your sugary pie.

  1. Oats in Breakfast for Monday. Oats are one of healthy grains and simple to prepare. Add some milk to oats and sum up her favourite fruits.If she is not one with sweet tooth. Toss oats in pan together with some onions, tomatoes and veggies, add water and cook. Oats Upma is ready.
  2. Buckwheat (Daliya) for Tuesday. Add a teaspoon of ghee and 1/2cup of buckwheat in a pressure cooker. Toss it up for a while and add a glass of milk. Pressure cook at medium heat with 2 whistles. Take it out in a bowl and add sugar.Its good to go !!
  3. Multigrain bread snack for Wednesday. Take a multigrain bread or two pieces. Cut the corners and rest them in a bowl and sufficient milk to soak the pieces, add fruits and sugar.
  4. Wheatbread cheese sandwich for Thursday.                                     Add cheese slice, fresh cream and tomatoes, sprinkle a pinch of chat masala. Grill the toast and cut the corners. Cheesy sandwiches ready to serve.
  5. Wheat PANCAKES for Friday.                                             Take wheat flour, add sugar and powdered nuts, add raisins, take a cup of cold milk and gradually prepare a cake like batter. Take a pan and spread a spoon full of ghee. Spread the batter as you do for Dosa . Add apple pieces and cook it thoroughly from both sides and take it out for serve with pieces of banana and strawberry sauce.
  6. Chiwda (Poha ) for Saturday.                                 Make a salty onion potato Poha or Soaked chiwda with milk and added fruits is also a good option for breakfast.
  7. Paneer Potato Sandwich for Sunday.                                              Mashed potato and paneer, few chunks of corian

der leaves and salt, a pinch of chat masala. Mix them all and grill a sandwich for your little bunny.

Have a Foody Day ahead !!!

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