10 ways to entertain kids while flying high (Flight Travel)?

As we know how tough it is to keep kids engaged while they don’t get enough space to roam around. Though it is something we need to do this by each kind of journey, still flight journey is quite different than that of road and train journey. More rules, regulation and you can pull the chain to stop it at random. It’s tricky but not that tough to get them busy and playful throughout the journey.

Entertaining little babies

For babies lesser than an year, there are cute toys available like plush balls, koosh balls, rattles and teethers etc. Finger puppets, musical toys, board books and fabric books will also do the needful. You can just take any toy that your little baby loves to hold.

Keeping Toddlers busy

Trust me, out of all category kids, toddlers are toughest to manage. They are just too much about exploring and just too small to make them understand each and every time but thankfully there are more than enough options to keep them engaged and thus, it’s not that tough now.

  • Variety of books-Flip a Flap Book, Musical books, Story books and many kinds of board books
  • Scribble board-carry small sized board and pen set to scribble.
  • Crayon balls and art notebook- Crayons and scribbling are always great thing to keep your child engaged.
  • Little character toys and cars. It is easier to carry lot of them and  these figurines will definitely keep your child attracted.
  • Nesting toys, Blocks, Puzzles
  • Handmade Velcro and felt busy books to get them busy in various tasks at a place
  • Magnetic toys. They can spend whole day making silly faces out of magnetic nose, eyes, ears and mustaches. There are variety of magnetic games available these days.
  • Beads and Necklace creation. Nowadays easily available in market, go for such DIY kits. Any kind of DIY kit of your kid’s choice can engage them thoroughly for long hours. They will just spend whole day making creative jewelries or traffic lights etc.
  •  Take play dough along and see the magic. They will get busy creating different shapes or just playing with colourful dough while your flight is taking off. Your problem is solved !! [Tips for travelling abroad with kids ].

Apart from these games, there are ample games and entertaining videos available on the mini TV attached to your seat with the kids friendly headset. Let them wear it on and enjoy for quite sometime. Enjoy flying !!!


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