10 Ways you can support the Nursing Mom

Parenting is all new phase no matter if you are a first time parent or you already went through it earlier. Each baby is different. New parents always need the support and cooperation from the people who surround them, family and friends specifically.images (18) And when it comes to nursing Mother, she needs it the most. Nursing a babu is not only the responsibility of Mother but whole family needs to be responsible. No, you don’t need to feed the baby but you can be a backbone for that nursing Mother who had just gone through the surgery or who just been through the whole labour pain sufferings for her normal delivery just few days ago. If you have a Nursing Mother at your home or in your close friend circle, this is what you can do to support her while she is breastfeeding.


1. Help her to Recover.DWFBT9_2963380b Let her take some rest to recover her post delivery weakness. The faster she will recover, easier it will be to care for her baby.

2. Share Her Load.images (25) Cooperate with her for baby’s tasks. Share some of the works like bathing or massaging the baby, diaper changing schedules, take the baby for walk and so on.

3. Feed her Well. images (28)Keep her on healthy diets instead of heavy diets. So much oil and overdose of dry fruits have nothing to do with the quantity of breast milk.

4. Close your storybook of motherhood experience. images (31)At your time, you were damn good at nursing or taking care of your kids. No one is doubting your motherhood skills but don’t demean hers. She might not be in same situation as yours but you too are not suffering the same medical conditions as hers.

5. Take care of Older Kids. article-1132084-033CAAFB000005DC-198_468x302If nursing mother already has kids, please take some responsibility to take care of older kids. It will be a great help for new mom as she will get some alone time with new born.

6. Stop Nagging and Asking Silly questions.images (29) Do you have sufficient Milk ? Do you feed her timely? Why is your baby always hungry? It’s shocking that these questions usually come from experienced moms. Just one question from those experienced ladies. Why are you so much eager to play Quiz contest with that already tensed New Mom? Ain’t you willing to keep her on ease?

7. Stop concluding that Baby is Hungry.images (8) It’s a very common tendency of family members and friends. If they hear baby crying, they conclude that she is hungry. They keep on pushing the new mom to feed the baby every no and then whenever baby cries. No hunger is not the only reason for which baby can cry. Sometimes these words embarrasse the new mom who just now finished nursing her baby.

8. Don’t Shame her. images (30)Yes, please Don’t Shame Her if she is Unable to Feed. Each body is different. It’s great to keep on feeding breast Milk to baby but if she is not getting much supply of milk due to her medical conditions, dont criticise her. She herself might be tensed for the same reason and your harsh words will do no better for her.¬†Even, don’t embarrasse her by staring while she is nursing her baby in front of you. She is just being a responsible mom, you don’t need to be a nasty Nagging critic.

9. Motivate to Feed if baby is not latching properly. images (32)Sometimes due to medical conditions of Mother, babies are taken to nursery for nursing and caring purposes. They get formula milk as their first food and then, they resist being latched to Mother’s breast for sucking the Milk. It’s the responsibility of other people of the house to boost the moral of the sad mother who wants to feed her baby but unfortunately unable to latch properly. Do give her space to bond with her baby. Don’t take her baby away from her saying that baby is now addicted to other milk.

10. Support her Physically as well as Mentally.images (33) Most of the people do support Physically but they forget that mental support is more important. It’s a proven fact that happy and mentally satisfied Mom nourishes her baby better than a sad Mom. Make the surrounding happy for both baby and Mother. Give her healthy food to eat, good time to sleep and happy words to hear. Don’t be a part of Mommy Shaming.

The support of family and friends is most important for a newborn and her mother. Specially for a nursing woman, it’s vital to be happy. The glow on Mother’s face reflects on baby. Make her glow and make the love grow.

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