10 Granny’s Tips for Stuffed Nose

Stuffed Nose, Cold, No smell sense, tastelessness and too much dizziness. Its a sad condition for all of us. If it turns so bad for us, just think how much a little baby suffers who can’t even utter out his feelings. No worries, what are the home made Granny’s tips meant for !! Have a look on below remedies you can try on your baby and on yourself during pregnancy too.

1. Steam Bath. You and Older kids can take steam bath easily. For infants, you need to take her into steamy bathroom and stay there for a while.
2.Saline Water. Usually you can buy from medical stores or else hygienically at home by adding ½ to 1 teaspoon of common/rock/kosher salt to two cups of warm water. Put 2-3 drops of this solution in each nostrils while baby lying at her back and then, blow her nose away.p_PHP3040088
3.Nasal Bulbs. For Infants and small babies its difficult to blow their nose themselves. So, you can use nasal bulbs easily available at baby stores and pull the stuff out of her nose.23190977219_4719cfc801_o
4.Breast Feed, Rest and Fluid intake. For details on fluids please go through Recover the fluid.fruitsveggies_wide
5. Garlic Basil Soup. For the babies who have started weaning, you can prepare garlic basil soup by adding mashed tomatoes, crushed basil leaves , ginger and garlic leaves.
6. Petroleum Jelly. Apply small portion of petroleum jelly on the outside of your baby’s nostrils. It will reduce any irritation due to stuffed nose.petroleum-jelly
7. Vitamin C. All fruits like Kiwi, Orange, Papaya, Bell peppers are good for cold relief.Oranges
8.Prunes. Adding few prunes in the diet can work efficiently. Also, they are good for stomach too. Specially in constipation. baby pure, into oana's kitchen, avocado, dried prunes, apple, constipationYou can get prunes (Dried Aloo Bukhara ) easily in super markets these days.
9.Jaggery Blackpepper Popsicles. Ginger tumeric tea ingredientsAdd ghee, Jaggery powder, ginger powder and blackpeppers in a pan, stir for a while to melt the jaggery. Make Popsicle (small laddoos) Give it 2-3 times a day. It will relief sore throat too.
10.Steam Inhalation or Humidifier. for details go through Homemade Humidifier.

Disclaimer: In case of any unusual or high congestion and breathing problems, please get right away to doctors instead of experimenting with home remedies.

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