10 Foods to relieve constipation of your Baby.

Getting tensed because of Hard poops of your baby?? Worried about the constipated stomach of your little one?? Yes, it hurts alot to see babies crying and we are left with questions in our head. What to do, what not to do 😩😓.

Well, first we should know about the foods which can be a reason for constipation.


The food which have lesser fibre like Yogurt, Cheese, White Bread, Pasta etc have higher chances to cause constipation. Formula Feed can cause irregular hard stools in newborns. Fried food items and high consumption of potato can also be the reason.

Here we are listing 10 foods which can relieve constipation. You as a Parent can give them a try.

  1. Water. 18099Water is life ☺ Its a boon for constipated baby. It will wash away all the waste from his body.
  2. Fruit Salad.                               download                                                  Its a must for every child once in a day. Give a plate full of fruits like watermelon, apple,pears, papaya, banana, kiwi or whatever your little one likes. if baby is too small to have whole fruit, make fresh fruit juices with all hygiene. you know fruit itself is really fruitful😊
  3. Whole Wheat and Multi-grain Bread.loaf-of-multigrain-bread-elena-elisseeva                                        High source of fiber and hence good for stomach relief. Also its full of energy.
  4. Oatmeal.download (3)                             Again its because of high fiber content which is a good source of energy too.
  5. Sweet Potatoes. Very effectively controls constipation unlike potato which is a tuber and can cause constipation as told earlier.
  6. Soy dairy products.   Few babies are allergic to milk protein and that’s why Cow milk is a big No for infants.download (5)                                                        Few of them even get constipated by excessive breast milk.                Doctors suggest to replace milk products with soy products in such cases like soy milk, soy cheese and  other soy dairy products.
  7. Flax Seeds. A rich source of fiber, omega 3 fatty acids and antioxidants.  What else !!download (4)
  8. Buckwheat. Daliya is a very good source of fiber and energy. Ask your Old generation and they will tell you.
  9. Nuts.  download (2)                         Handful of nuts will induce fiber and excrete the waste out. If baby is too small to have them, make a fine powder and add a spoonful in his food.
  10. Formula Feed. download (1)                    Yes, you read It right!! Though I told earlier that it can cause constipation in newborns, there are few formula feed which are made specially for allergic babies. You can  consult the pediatrician for this.

Such little diet changes can help to improve bowel movement in babies a lot. Hope it may help you for your kid as it helped mine. meanwhile please share other things which have helped you in situation. After all sharing is a caring !!


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