10 big facts about your kid’s tiny brain

Brain is the most fascinating organ of human body. It is something that acts like a boss for whole system of our body. More than 95% of adult brain weight is achieved by 6 years of age. Let’s go through few more such amazing facts of this little beautiful brain of your child.

  1. Baby’s brain are far more active than an average adult brain. An infant brain is twice as active as adult’s.
  2. Pre-birth experiences affect the brain of child and that’s why pregnant women are advised to follow healthy food habits and good lifestyle. Not eating right can cause the slowing down of the baby’s brain development.
  3. Bigger heads don’t indicate smartness of baby. Brain size has nothing to do with intelligence of human.
  4. Brain cell connections made at the time of birth help the babies to regulate basic functions for survival like breathing. These cells continue to grow and connect eachother even after birth and that’s what shapes up your baby’s thought process, emotions, behavior.
  5. Learning is also a part of brain connections and so, it starts quite earlier than a child starts going to school. These early years of your little baby has more impact on your baby’s little brain and so the child who is nurtured with more love, warmth and care is more ready to learn.
  6. Negative experiences at such an early age has long time impact on child’s learning ability.
  7. We all know that there is no age for learning but the little babies have “growth spurts” due to which there pick up power is quite more than any adult.
  8. The little mind has fast language learning capability than adult ones. See how easily they learn so many new words in their early 14-17 months. Studies have proved that kids who are open to more than one language are more versatile.
  9. “Exploring mind is a healthier mind”. Let you child explore more and more without boundaries. Though you need to be attentive enough to keep him safe but let your kid experience the nature.
  10. Movement enhance brain activity. The more kid moves physically, more his brain works. Physical activities play a vital role in brain development.

As we all know that these early 4-5 years are building blocks of your child’s brain. Hence, its very important they should get proper attention, affection and care in this age. Make them eat healthy food, give them correct environment to play. Make your bond stronger with them. Be involve in their funny games. Smile, sing, dance with them. Give them beautiful memories of their childhood to make their future bright.[Enjoy parenting today for your kid’s better tomorrow]

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