10 Amazing Facts about Mother’s Milk

Mothers are not less than any superheroes. They have so many super powers and the best super power is the Milk. The Miracles of Mother’s Milk are far more than you know and Breastfeeding is the most important part of nursing and it is the duty of each Mother to provide this amazing nutrition to her baby. images (27) There are many amazing facts about Breastfeeding and some of them are quite unknown to many women.

1. Breastfed Kids are less prone to Obesity in Future. Also, they are immune to many allergies.

2. Breastfeeding is one of the amazing way to reduce the chances of postpartum depression in new moms.

3. The Risk of SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome) reduces in the breastfed babies.

4. Even if your milk is completely dried up, still you can nurse your baby. Yes, It’s proven fact and it is known as Relactation.

5. The more you keep on Breastfeeding your baby, it will help you to reduce your weight. Also, it reduces the chances of breast cancer, Ovarian cancer and Diabetes Type 2.

6. Babies have a saliva which can communicate with their Mother’s Milk. Strange right ? But it’s true. It communicates to the Breast actually and let it know what kind of nutrients they require. If baby is sneezing, saliva communicates while sucking to demand for the cold fighting antibodies.

7. Some Immune factors in Mother’s Milk increase in concentration during 2nd year of baby and during weaning process. That’s why many paediatricians suggest to breastfeed until 2 years.

8. The longer you breastfeed, More immune your child will become. After 1 year many nutrients increase in the Milk like fats and antibodies. Also, the more you keep on Breastfeeding, more you will continue to lactate. It’s called reflex action.

9. Breastfeeding is one of the best method of Birth Control. If your baby is on breastfeed for more than 6 times a day. Then, there is less chances to conceive. Also, it delays the return of mensturation cycle.

10. The Milk at the beginning of lactation just after delivery is a must to have food for newborn. It contains colostrum which contains more minerals and proteins (specially Globulin) than Mature milk.

Isn’t it the Miracle of Human Body!! Keep on providing these Amazing benefits to your baby and to yourself by Breastfeeding.IMG-20160801-WA0091 This is the unique gift by you to your baby which no one else can give.

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